Most courses are scheduled as either three or four-hour sessions, held Monday through Friday, anytime from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. Some courses are offered on Saturdays and clinical practices are offered 7 days a week, (scheduling based on program requirements and site availability). FNU also offers internet-based distance-learning courses.

In order to access your class schedule, you must set up an account on the FNU student portal. Instructions are available on the FNU website. A user name and password is required. You will also be able to use the FNU Portal to access other pertinent information.

Changes to your class schedule can be made during the ADD/DROP period (first week of the semester). Any changes to your schedule must be approved by your Department/Division Head and a Cancel/Add form must be filled out and turned in to the Registrar’s Office. The Cancel/Addform is available at the Registrar’s Office of each Campus and on the FNU website. Online learning students must submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office via either e-mail ( or fax at (305) 362-0595, Attention to: Registrar’s Office. Additional questions to the Online Learning Dept. can be emailed to

Class schedule changes are subject to class load and availability. The student must check the FNU student portal to ensure that changes are accepted.

If a student is active beyond the midpoint of a semester, the institution will automatically assign classes for the following semester. It is the student‘s responsibility to withdraw, cancel, or change any courses assigned to him/her during the ADD/DROP period. After the ADD/DROP period all classes are subject to financial obligations.


Summer A 2016 ( May 2, 2016 – June 23, 2016)

For additional information about a class and/or textbook, please e-mail the instructor directly

(*) This information is subject to change without notice

(**) Students are responsible for acquiring their textbooks before classes start

Course Code Course Name Instructor
ACG2003 Principles of Accounting I
George De Schryver
ACG2003_L Principles of Accounting I
George De Schryver
ACG4123 Intermediate Accounting III
Tyree Whitehead
AML1010 Survey of American Literature I
Barbara Rodriguez
AML1631 Hispanic American Literature
Barbara Rodriguez
BSC1010 General Biology
Carlos Cuervo
BSC1010L General Biology Lab I
Carlos Cuervo
BSC1085C Anatomy and Physiology I
Gisela Llamas
BSC1086C Anatomy and Physiology II
Elizabeth Cuervo
CCJ4351 Correctional Operations
George Ackerman
CCJ4644 White Collar Crime
George Ackerman
CGS1030 Introduction to information Technology
Vidal Rodriguez
CGS1560 Operating Systems
Vidal Rodriguez
CGS2511 Spreadsheet Aplications for Business
James Bullen
CJE2000 Introduction to Security & Law Enforcement
John Mancini
CJE3063 Constitutional Law
Hiram Paz Jr
CJL4044 Tort Law
Elizabeth Barcena
CJL4074 Correctional Law
Elizabeth Barcena
DEP2004 Human Growth and Development
Rafael Ramos
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics.
Miguel A Pinzon
ENC0010 Basic Writing Skills
Alain Polo
ENC1101 English Composition I
Karelia Castaneda
ENC1102 English Composition II
Ivette De la Vega
ENC1102_2 English Composition II
Ebel Moya
ENC3311 Advanced Writing and Research
Sabine Louissaint
FIN5246 Financial institutions and markets
Georges De Schryver
FIN5409 Applied Managerial Finance
James Bullen
GEB4890 Business Strategy and Policy
James Bullen
GEB4912 Business Research Methods
Ernesto Gonzalez
GLY1010 Physical Geology
Ana Martinez
HSA3412 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare
Amarelys Carrizo
HSA4222 Long Term Care administration
Amarelys Carrizo
HSA5114 US Health Care System
Gisela Llamas
HSA6185 Management of Health Care Organizations
Gisela Llamas
HSC1000 Introduction to Health Care
Gisela Llamas
HSC1531C Medical terminology
Jesus Campos
HSC2577 Principles of Nutrition for Health Care
Loreto Almonte
MAC1105 College Algebra I
Henry Fernandez
MAC1105_2 College Algebra I
Felix Ramos
MAN3605 Cross-cultural management
Harvey Weiss
MAN4151 Organizational Behavior
Osvaldo Sanchez
MAN5897 Capstone
James Bullen
MAR1011 Principles of marketing
Ernesto Gonzalez
MAR5505 Consumer Behavior
Ernesto Gonzalez
MAT096 College Preparatory Arithmetic
Manuel E Ramos
MAT097 College Preparatory Mathematics
Ivan Pereda
MCB2000 Microbiology
Carlos Vazquez
MEA2305 Medical Office Procedures
Hiram Paz
MEA2335 Medical Insurance Coding and Billing
Hiram Paz
NUR3065 Physical Assessment in Health Care
Angel Cano
NUR3125 Pathophysiology I
Ovidio Viera
NUR3165 Nursing Research
Jorge E Hirigoyen
NUR3178 Complementary and Alternative Health Care
Lisys Camacho
NUR3655 Culture in Nursing Practice
Jorge E Hirigoyen
NUR3805 Nursing Role and scope
Ruben Coll
NUR3826 Ethical and Legal aspect of Nursing Practice
Ovidio Viera
NUR4287 Nursing and the Aging Family
Lisys Camacho
NUR4516 Crisis Intervention
Jose Rojas
NUR4636 Community Nursing
Eddie Cruz
NUR4827 Nursing Leadership and Management
Angel Cano
PCB 4028 Pharmacology
Idania Irastorza
PHI1600 Ethics
Daylen Elosegui
PHY1100C General Physics
Fernando Comas
PLA2104 Legal Research and Writing I
Jose Companioni
PLA3523 Health Law and Ethics
Elizabeth Barcena
PSY1012 General Psychology
Rafael Ramos
QMB5357 Business modeling
Ernesto Gonzalez
REA0010 College reading skills
Jorge Morales
SLS1501 College Study Skills
SPC1017 Fundamentals of Oral Communications
Ebel Moya
STA2014 Introduction to Statistics
Enrique Febles
STA2014_2 Introduction to Statistics
Henry Fernandez