5 Reasons RNs Are Still In Demand

Female doctor prepping for surgery Students who are considering a career in nursing have a number of opportunities in front of them—and these opportunities come along with an even more difficult decision: which program of study is best? While many students opt for a 2 or 4-year nursing degree, Registered Nurses (RNs) are still in high demand. Learn more about why RNs are still in demand, and what that means for current and future nursing students.

What is an RN?

Students might wonder how an RN differs from other nurses. An RN’s position requires that he or she offers basic nursing care, applying techniques learned from his/her program of study. RNs work under the guidance of doctors and also guide Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Why Become an RN?

Students who are considering the various nursing programs offered by universities might wonder the benefits of becoming an LPN versus RN, Nurse Practitioner, or other medically related careers. To eliminate confusion between the various positions, Florida National University (FNU) has detailed the reasons becoming an RN is a great path for students to choose:

  1. A Quick Track Toward a Career

The good news is that studying to become an RN is different from going out and finding just another job. In fact, a large benefit of studying nursing is that positions in this field can provide the solid foundation many adults are in search of: a lifelong career.

Best of all, nursing is a field that does not require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Although some nurses choose to continue their education through those programs, it’s not necessary. Nursing programs offer a faster solution to earning a degree. Whether it’s a certificate or associate’s degree, nursing students have the option to choose shorter programs that allow them to enter the workforce faster.

  1. Enter the Job Market ASAP

As stated, students who choose to study in a practical nurse program enter the job market sooner than their nursing peers who choose a longer program. In fact, many RNs are in the job market in two years or less! This provides a fast path toward entering a career shortly after choosing a program of study.

Entering the job market without waiting has many positive benefits: students can begin making money sooner than those who opted for longer careers. An RN program allows students to simply study for one year rather than in a two or four-year nursing program.

  1. Room for Growth

RNs who are interested in furthering their career can easily enroll in a program to continue their education. This will allow an RN to build upon their period of hands-on experience, apply what they already know, and move up in their career.

Plus, an individual’s previous education and experience will help to minimize the difficulty or stress while learning in a nursing degree program. In fact, this individual may even take less time to complete their studies than students who are just starting.

  1. A Secure Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Registered Nurses is expected to rise. This career is expected to grow during 2012-2022 at a rate of 19%, which is considered faster than the average for most careers. This alone validates a student’s interest in pursuing this career, as it is very likely that he or she will find work after graduating from a program.

No job is ever guaranteed, but the chances of obtaining one is much higher in fields that are experiencing such high growth! As the baby boomers age and long term care patient needs increase, the need for RNs is on the rise.

  1. Pay Day

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American household makes approximately $42,228 annually. Here is a little comparison: RNs make an average of $65,470 annually. That means that a simple year or two of studying could really pay off!

FNU: Getting You Started

Florida National University is dedicated to ensuring our students are well-equipped to enter the work field after graduating from our programs. That is why we do everything in our power to ensure our students understand their prospective field. Also, we offer Job Placement services for students and alumni who need assistance in the job search. Are you ready to get started toward your lifelong career? Find a program related to your interests and apply to FNU today!