• How to Get a Master’s Degree in Less Than 2 Years

    Congratulations on earning your Bachelor’s! It was a long, trying 4 years, but it was definitely worth it. The years of late nights, coffee guzzling, and unhealthy eating paid off! Now that you have donned your cap and gown, and walked across the long stage, you are ready to do it all over again! The … Continued

  • The Benefits of Studying with Music

    Does Music Help You Study? With that highly detailed Biology exam just around the corner, you have been hitting the books with every spare second you have. During nightly, starlit studying sessions, you continuously trudge past midnight, and the hours multiply. What if there was a more beneficial practice rather than spending hours upon hours … Continued

  • Ultrasound Technician Performing Ultrasound

    Free 3D Ultrasounds for Miami, South Florida Community!

    Florida National University (FNU) is not only dedicated to helping our students succeed, but we also have the compassion to help our community in the South Florida area as well. One of the ways we try to help our community is by giving the public the opportunity to take advantage of FNU’s state of the … Continued

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