• Top Online Degree Programs in Florida

    If you’re looking for one of the top online degree programs in the state of Florida, then Florida National University (FNU) should be one of the first universities to consider for a quality education. We have a stellar online curriculum of accredited degree programs designed to prepare students for a successful future. According to … Continued

  • How to Pursue a Business Administration Degree in Miami

    If you’re looking to find the right college to earn a business administration degree in the city of Miami, the solution is simple: find a good university. Finding the right university to attend can make all the difference in what kind of education you’ll walk away with. It will impact your job search and … Continued

  • How to Get a College Degree Online While Living in The Bahamas

    How to Get a College Degree Online While Living in The Bahamas

    Since 1982, Florida National University (FNU) has been providing students with collegiate opportunities that have opened doors to a more promising future. Located in the heart of Hialeah, Florida, FNU has always had the heart to educate multicultural communities. That became quite obvious within the first year of opening our doors when we had to … Continued

  • Top 5 Benefits of Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

    Depending on whom you speak to, there are some skeptics out there who may want to talk you out of earning a bachelor’s degree online. Florida National University (FNU) would like to enlighten you in regards to some of the advantages of online learning. One of many is that it’s possible to earn your bachelor’s … Continued

  • What are the Signs of Domestic and Teen Dating Violence? [Video]

    Raising Awareness about Domestic Violence Domestic violence. It’s a real crime that happens far too frequently than it should. One act of crime is one too many and it’s one that The FNU Powerhouse accompanied with Dr. Jose Reguiero Foundation aims to combat and prevent. What is FNU Powerhouse About? The purpose of the FNU … Continued

  • Top Dental Laboratory Associate’s Program in Miami

    If your career interests lie in the field of dentistry, there are a number of ways you can pursue the education that’s required to work in this industry. You could become a dentist, dental assistant, but if you’re more interested in the technical side of this profession, then you might want to consider working as … Continued

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Taking Online Classes?

    Overall, having the option to earn a college education online offers aspiring college students the opportunity to improve or enhance their career and possibly further their future. These days, taking online college courses is part of a student’s regular curriculum. Whether you chose to enroll in college and earn your college degree part time or … Continued

  • How to Pursue a Career as an Medical Assistant in Florida

    How to Pursue a Career as an Medical Assistant in Florida

    Working as a Medical Assistant in Florida is the type of career that has a positive outlook in terms of job openings in the next 10 years. This is mainly because of the increasing baby boomer population migrating to the Florida area resulting in the need for more healthcare and more Medical Assistants. There’s … Continued

  • How to Select the Right Health Service Administration Program in Miami

    If there’s one thing that the presidential administration has taught us over years is that things change! In any administration—in particular the healthcare administration, are changing all the time. This may be due to the advancement in technology as it directly affects the healthcare  industry. As a result, certain regulations must be added to amend … Continued

  • How to Make a Smooth Transition from Student to Employee

    How to Make a Smooth Transition from Student to Employee

    In one word, the term for this is “adulting” defined in the urban dictionary as a way to “do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as a 9-5 job, mortgage/rent, a car payment or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.” Call it a Millennial or Generation Z thing, owning up … Continued