• Electricity Kite

    June 15 is Fly-A-Kite Day

    Fly-a-Kite Day Many people at FNU are passionate about science and math. In the current years, the buzzword in the field of education is STEM. Furthermore, the art and design have become increasingly important, and as people realized the intricate interplay between the arts and the sciences, the “A” for art had been added to … Continued

  • Ocean

    June 8th is World Ocean Day

    The summer days are knocking at the doors of the south Floridians. Summer brings hot summer days activities – cuddling up with a book at the pool or at the beach, swimming, surfing, fishing, etc. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than relax with family and friends at the beach of our … Continued

  • Summer Reading

    Library Summer Program Kick Off

    Summer Program Kick Off: “Unleash Your Superpower” No Tobacco Day: May 31st June National Donut Day: June 1 June 7th – New Building Grand Opening National Ocean Day: June 8th Fly-a-Kite Day: June 15th  Celebrating Summer: House of Sand and Shells! Summer Splash is for Reading! Social Awareness and Justice with Books and Displays Step … Continued

  • Dr. Jose Regueiro Building Library

    Highlights of the New FNU Library

    Highlights of the new FNU Library The concept of the design of new FNU Library’s physical spaces provides various opportunities for the renewal of the library as a societal institution. The FNU Library moved to the new location – same address, but we are at the Second Floor at the Dr. Jose Regueiro Building. Come … Continued

  • FNU Hialeah Campus Library Staff

    Celebrating National Library Workers Day

    Libraries help people to access the services and resources that they need to be able to achieve their goals and to discover their passion. Every day Librarians across the country make it possible to increase awareness and advocate for importance of reading, study and learning. In April, we celebrated the National Library Workers Day proclamation. … Continued

  • FNU April Poetry Month. Person poses with notebook and pen on grass.

    Celebrating National Poetry Month

    Twenty-two years ago, the National Poetry Month had been born under the umbrella of the Academy of American Poets. Over the years, it had been supported by national media, schools, churches, hospitals, corporations, foundations, libraries, and countless poetry admires. The National Poetry Month generated priceless media coverage for poets and poetry in national newspapers and … Continued

  • FNU Student Services Staff donates Easter Book Baskets to Nicklaus Childrens Hospital

    Baskets and Books for Easter – Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

    This year Easter takes place from Good Friday on March 30 until Easter Monday on April 2 – making Easter Sunday fall on April 1, which is also April Fool’s day. The death of Jesus occurred around the Jewish Passover, which is traditionally held on first full moon. Traditions and cultural events woven in the heart … Continued

  • Close up photo of oranges on a table

    Celebrating Health and Nutrition Month

    In Florida, beyond the beaches, theme parks, and condo districts there are the farms, ranches, and greenhouses. Florida is more famous for tourism, but not everybody knows that we are living in an agricultural state that is rated second in the nation. Florida is the nation’s top producer of oranges, sugar cane, sweet corn, and … Continued

  • Women's Soccer poses for a photo at a restaurant

    Celebrating National Optimism Month

    National Optimism Month Spring is around the corner. The sun always shines in Miami and Spring Break is coming soon. Tourists, students, and young people are ready to hangout on the beach. Even if obstacles appear in front of everybody, and student assignments become more laborious, sometimes, students cannot see that everyone is one academic … Continued

  • FNU New Building

    New International Club brings Multicultural Perspectives

    International Students Association and Clubs What is it like to learn at Florida National University? While the answer differs for every student, we all pretty much agree on a few things. The people are friendly, open-minded and passionate about their work. For an idea of the place, think, “top Hialeah school meets top athletic spot.” … Continued

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