• Dr. Felix Ramos

    Professor Dr. Felix Ramos Continues to Show Writing Prowess

    Meet the Author, Professor Felix Ramos The FNU’s Book Club aims to connect people with new ideas, and meet the local Florida Authors. Every time we get together, we get inspired by range of topics and genres, from Yusset Perez’ romantic poetry to fiction fantasy of prolific Mauricio Restrepo throughout discussion and presentations by leading … Continued

  • FNU Library

    Book Lovers Testimonies

    Everybody reads something: a textbook, an instruction guide, a newspaper with current events, text messages, motivational books, books on leadership, children’s books for your little one, a doctor’s prescription, junk mail, our emails, unforgettable stories, poems, a study guide, and articles from magazines and journals. On National Book Lovers Day, we are thankful for our … Continued

  • Jannette Lorie, South Campus Library Assistant at Florida National University

    Library Assistant Inspires by Going Above and Beyond

    An Introduction to a New Friend Almost certainly, you would notice the newest member of the Library Team, Janette Lorie. Janette is our most recently hired Library Assistant at the South Campus Resource Room. Janette spent several years as a student worker aid, and when the right opportunity came, she applied for the full-time position. … Continued

  • Friendship day

    Friendship Day is August 5th!

    Friendship Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship. The day is a popular celebration in several South American countries, since it was first proposed in Paraguay many years ago … in 1958. In the age of the digital friendships of Facebook and Twitter, to have a good friend on campus is priceless. Students need … Continued

  • Hialeah Campus

    Campus Discovery Day

    There is a long-standing tradition of high school graduates to take the summer off for family fun before they apply for the chosen future profession at desired university. Many families go on a tour to see the academic life of the beloved University; others are writing essays and looking for scholarships. At Florida National University … Continued

  • woman taking photos with camera in woods

    National Camera Day

     #NationalCameraDay There are 1,500 national days per each 365-day year. Of course, 4th of July’s Independence Day holiday is the big one that we are celebrating with barbeque parties, fireworks, and city parades the middle of the hot summer days. Children are out of school, and many people rush to take summer vacations full of … Continued

  • FNU Library

    Step Ahead Program Provides Community Enrichment

    Florida National University has a strong bond with the local community. Engaging in community partnership provides students, faculty, and staff with “a lasting, positive impact on society-at-large” (FNU Blog, 2013) and brings back respect, positive reputation, and social impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Every year, when the school is off and summer breaks start; the City of … Continued

  • Electricity Kite

    June 15 is Fly-A-Kite Day

    Fly-a-Kite Day Many people at FNU are passionate about science and math. In the current years, the buzzword in the field of education is STEM. Furthermore, the art and design have become increasingly important, and as people realized the intricate interplay between the arts and the sciences, the “A” for art had been added to … Continued

  • Ocean

    June 8th is World Ocean Day

    The summer days are knocking at the doors of the south Floridians. Summer brings hot summer days activities – cuddling up with a book at the pool or at the beach, swimming, surfing, fishing, etc. On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than relax with family and friends at the beach of our … Continued

  • Summer Reading

    Library Summer Program Kick Off

    Summer Program Kick Off: “Unleash Your Superpower” No Tobacco Day: May 31st June National Donut Day: June 1 June 7th – New Building Grand Opening National Ocean Day: June 8th Fly-a-Kite Day: June 15th  Celebrating Summer: House of Sand and Shells! Summer Splash is for Reading! Social Awareness and Justice with Books and Displays Step … Continued