• $5 Tickets! Now That’s Culture Shock!

    For about the same price as a blockbuster video you can enjoy a life changing experience in theater, dance, music, or art. The Miami cultural scene offers dozens of events every week. These inspiring cultural activities will enrich your personal life while enhancing critical thinking skills, language skills, and cooperative learning skills. Students between the … Continued

  • Tickets de entrada por $5! Eso si que es un Choque Cultural!

    Por casi el mismo precio que un video de blockbuster usted puede disfrutar de una experiencia de teatro, danza, música o arte que puede cambiar su vida. La vida cultural del escenario Miamense ofrece docenas de eventos todos los días. Estas inspiradoras actividades culturales enriquecerán su vida personal a la vez que mejorarán sus habilidades … Continued

  • Student ID Number vs. Social Security Number

    In a modern world full of digital passwords, our brains are crammed full of usernames and identification codes. After finally learning your nine digit social security number, why should you have to learn a new number after entering college? The answer is simple—it’s the best way to protect your identity. According to the AARP, 10 … Continued

  • Número de Identidad Estudiantil vs. Número de Seguridad Social

    En este mundo moderno lleno de contraseñas digitales, nuestros cerebros están congestionados con los diversos nombres de usuarios y códigos de identificación. Cuando finalmente aprendemos nuestros nueve dígitos del número de seguridad social, por qué tenemos que aprender un nuevo número al entrar al College? La respuesta es simple – es la mejor forma de … Continued

  • Independence Rocks! Recap

    Thanks to the help of our co-sponsors and hard working volunteers, Independence Rocks! was a big success. With representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties (and donations from both Burger King and McDonalds) it was truly a non-partisan event. Not only did Florida National University give away $1500 worth of free food to our … Continued

  • Independence Rocks! Recapitulando…

    Gracias a la ayuda de nuestros co-patrocinantes y a la de dedicados trabajadores voluntarios, Independence Rocks! fue un gran éxito. Con la presencia de representantes de ambos partidos, Demócrata y Republicano ( y donaciones también de ambos competidores Burger King y Mc Donalds) este fue verdaderamente un evento sin tendencias partidistas. Adicional a ello Florida … Continued

  • Independence Rocks!

    According to the 2004 census, the voting rate among young voters was almost 30% lower than older voters (47% vs 74%). The difference lies in voter registration: While 79 percent of citizens 55 years and older were registered to vote in 2004, [only] 58 percent of the younger citizens were. (http://www.census.gov/prod/2006pubs/p20-556.pdf) This year, Florida National … Continued

  • Governed By Consent

    On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress unanimously voted to adopt The Declaration of Independence. In the hearts and minds of modern Americans, this is a profound moment in our national history. It did not occur in a vacuum, however. Although, we celebrate the adoption of this historic document, the first Continental Congress actually declared … Continued

  • FNU is ready to Rock!

    –Rock the Vote, that is. No matter who wins the 2008 Presidential election, it will be a historic campaign. But why be a mere witness to history when you can be a participant? The Office of Student Services is gearing up for our voter registration campaign. We recently received a voter registration application for each … Continued

  • ¡FNU esta listo para el Rock!

    –Rock the Vote, eso es! No importa quien gane la elección Presidencial de 2008, ésta será un campaña histórica. Pero, por que ser solo un espectador cuando usted puede ser un protagonista? La Oficina de Servicios Estudiantiles esta engranando una campaña de registro para votar. Recientemente recibimos formas de registro para votar para cada uno … Continued

  • Can You Build a Better Graduation?

    College graduation is one of the proudest moments in your life. It should also be one of your happiest. You can help make it that way, and gain some valuable experience for your resume. As the Office of Student Services starts preparations for our next graduation, we invite you to participate in FNU’s first student … Continued

  • ¿Puede Usted contribuir con una mejor Graduación?

    Su graduación de College será uno de los momentos de mayor orgullo de su vida. También será un de los mas felices. Usted puede ayudar a realizarlo, y ganar valiosa experiencia para su resume. La Oficina de Servicios Estudiantiles al comenzar con los preparativos para la próxima graduación, le invita a participar en el primer … Continued

  • Free Community Event: Coral Gables Opera Presents

    Originally denounced as “immoral” and “superficial,” the opera Carmen first opened in Paris in 1875 and has since become one of the most popular Operas in the world.  Set in Seville, Spain (c. 1830), Carmen is a beautiful Gypsy, murdered by a jilted lover. The opera Faust also opened to a cool Parisian reception in … Continued

  • Evento para la Comunidad – Entrada Libre: La Compañía de Opera de Coral Gables

    Originalmente denunciada como “inmoral” y “superficial”, la Opera Carmen fue presentada por primera vez en París en 1875 y desde entonces se ha convertido en una las Operas mas populares del mundo. Ambientada en Sevilla, España (c. 1830), Carmen es un hermosa Gitana asesinada por un amante despreciado. La Opera Fausto también fue estrenada en … Continued

  • The Secret to Success

    Do you have what it takes to be successful? Find out with this easy online assessment. The self-assessment questionnaire from Skip Downing’s On Course is available at the Houghton Mifflin website. The assessment will help you identify your strengths and opportunities for growth. After rating yourself on 64 statements, the assessment will analyze each choice … Continued

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