1. When you are conducting a job search, an effective thank-you letter after an interview can leave a positive impression with an employer. This, in turn, will help to distinguish you from other candidates.
  2. You should send the letter within 48 hours following the interview.
  3. Always address a thank-you letter to a specific individual, not just the general title “Director of Personnel.” Be sure name is spelled correctly.
  4. Make sure your thank-you letter is business-like in appearance. It should be printed on the same paper stock as your resume. Always have someone proofread your letter before sending it.
  5. Write each thank-you letter separately, even if you follow a similar form for each letter. The letter should highlight what was discussed in your interview and reiterate your qualifications and continuing interest.
  6. Once you receive and accept a job offer, send your new employer a thank-you letter. This is an effective way to get a good start in forming a positive relationship with your new employer.
  7. Thank-you letters in response to telephone conversations and informational interviews should be short. Restate the major points of the conversation and express your appreciation for assistance.
  8. If you withdraw from consideration for a position or turn down an offer, send a polite and positive thank-you letter which leaves the door open for future consideration.
  9. In response to a rejection, follow a similar format. Express your gratitude for being considered, as well as your continuing interest in working for the company.
  10. If you terminate employment for any reason, send a thank-you letter to your former employer. Be positive–this letter can “clear the air,” if necessary, and generate positive references.

Reference: High Impact Resumes and Letters by Ronald Krannich and William J. Banis.


Your Name and Address

Employer’s Name & Address

Dear :

FIRST PARAGRAPH. Thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Express your enthusiasm about gaining employment in the organization.

SECOND PARAGRAPH. Reiterate your qualifications for and continuing interest in the position. Include any personal skills you forgot to mention during your interview. Emphasize a particular skill or accomplishment that would make you an asset as an employee.

CLOSING PARAGRAPH(S). Briefly thank the interviewer again for consideration. Express confidence in your ability to perform well in the organization. State that you look forward to hearing from the interviewer and give a specific date if you plan to follow up with a phone call.


Your name (typed)


4 Spartan St
Lansing , MI 48825

June 10, 2008

Mr. Adam Spartan
Coordinator Appreciation Manifestation Company
6 Collingwood Drive East
Lansing , MI 48824-1113
Dear Mr. Spartan:

I want to thank you for interviewing me yesterday for the position of thank-you letter writer. I was very impressed with the description you provided of your organization, and I am very excited about the prospect of working for you.

My qualifications are well-matched with the position we discussed, and I have a real interest in this area of work. My experience specifically with thank-you letter writing and the good interpersonal skills I possess are among my strongest attributes. They would certainly enable me to make a valuable contribution to the Appreciation Manifestation Company.

Again, thank you for the interview and your consideration. I am eager to have an opportunity of working on your staff. I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to call me at 000-000-0000 if you have any further questions.



Thomas Perfect



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