This online training document contains a variety of resources to help you thrive in the process of teaching online classes in Blackboard. Blackboard Learn will allow for online content manage management and sharing, assignment and assessment management as well as facilitating collaboration and communication.

This training can benefit both new and seasoned online instructors. These resources are provided as a reference material and with the hope that you find them useful in your daily teaching.


Basic word processing, computer use and Internet skills (such as experience with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, saving documents in PDF format, web browsing and uploading files) are needed for use of the Blackboard system at a basic level.

Upon Completion you will have a clear understanding about:

  • Blackboard Features
  • Logging into Blackboard
  • Creating, editing and deleting content to any section of the course
  • Creating and setting up assessments
  • Working with the Results Center

Table of Content

1. Instructor Responsibilities

2. Quick start Faculty Guide

3. Preparing Blackboard Courses for a New Term

4. 10 Principles of Effective Online Teaching

5. Video Tutorials

5.1. Course Tools Tutorials

5.2. Building Content Tutorials

5.3. Announcements Tutorials

5.4. Assessment Tutorials

5.5. Results Center Tutorials

5.6. Customization Tutorials

5.7. Reporting Tutorials

5.8. Communicating Tutorials

5.9. Groups in Blackboard Tutorials

6. Other Reference Materials

7. Up coming Events:

8. Blackboard Instructor App

The Blackboard Instructor app is available on iOS and Android tablets and phones.
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Last updated: September 2018
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