Online Colleges In Florida – Instructions for New Distance Learning Students

  • A Distance Learning student must meet all technical requirements before you start taking online classes.
  • You should buy your TEXTBOOK before the start date. Please visit or call our BOOKSTORE.
  • Attendance: A student taking an online class should log in twice a week (any day, any time).
  • To Login:
    Go to
  • The first day you should:
    Read all the ANNOUNCEMENTS.
    Click the YOUR INSTRUCTOR button. Read your instructor information and email.
    Click the SYLLABUS button. Read your class Syllabus.
    Click the DISCUSSION BOARD button. Click the INTRODUCTIONS link. Read your classmates’
    introduction and post yours. NOTE: Online students are responsible for making the initial contact with the instructor, maintaining weekly correspondence, and/or submitting assigned work on a regular basis to be considered “Active.”
  • Every week you should check your weekly assignments, course documents, and lectures.
  • If you have questions or concerns:
    • Send a message to your instructor through his/her email.
    • Or go to TOOLS and check MESSAGES. You should frequently check your messages inbox.