• Benefits of Taking Summer Classes at FNU

    By the time finals roll around at the end of the spring semester, you are probably anxious to finish your exams and jump into summer. It’s finally time to relax, get a summer job to save up some money, travel, intern or volunteer. While these are all sensible ways to spend your summer vacation, taking summer classes is a great alternative. Here are a few reasons why you may want... Read More
  • The 2014-2015 Job Outlook for Accounting Graduates

    If you walked across the stage this spring to receive a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, then you should feel confident about your decision. Accounting graduates are currently one of the most sought after degree holders. Ranking at No. 3 in the National Association of Colleges and Employers The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014 report, accounting graduates can seek opportunities in government, retail trade, finance, insurance and real estate.... Read More
  • What Are Your Career Opportunities with an Accounting Degree?

    You may have heard that an accounting degree can leave graduates with numerous career opportunities. As the fundamental language and tool of business, accounting is a stepping-stone to every kind of business. Due to the drastic changes in the field over the last two decades, namely technology, increased government regulations, frequent tax law changes, the globalization of business and the continuous downsizing and restructuring of corporations, all business environments demand... Read More
  • What to Do When You Don’t Get Accepted to the Program of Your Choice

    Thank goodness, high school is finally behind you. Now, on to bigger and better things! Whether you are entering university for the first time, or you are a returning student, college can be a very exciting time in a young person’s life. First, the glorious acceptance letter comes in. Next, the mailman delivers the letter accepting you into your major of choice. But, what happens if you don’t receive that... Read More
  • Top 10 Mobile Applications for Students

    Once upon a time, college students went to the library for hours on end, searching, reviewing, studying, and finding material to supplement their education. When they were finished, they headed home, tuned into their favorite FM radio station, checked their wall calendar for homework assignments, and called up their friends’ landlines to see what was going on that weekend. A Whole New World While the fond memories of these days... Read More
  • What are the Benefits of Having an MBA in Today’s Employment Market?

    Nowadays, it’s commonplace to discuss whether or not a graduate degree is worth it. While this isn’t true about every degree, especially ones that relate to professions that are expected to rapidly expand as the economy evolves, the value of an MBA degree has come under intense scrutiny over the last few years. Since this conversation continues throughout major media outlets, it is reasonable to assume many business professionals are... Read More
  • The Advantages of Going to College in Miami, Florida

    After 4 years locked away in white-painted, cinder block, high school classrooms, it is the moment you’ve been waiting for: Heading to college in the warm, tropical air of Miami, Florida. Those of us that did not grow up here remember the excitement of moving day. Experiencing the exhilaration of leaving behind your icy, snowy hometown, and prepare to embrace a new location, a new climate, and a new culture!... Read More
  • Write it Right!

      “Writing is an extreme privilege but it's also a gift. It's a gift to yourself and it's a gift of giving a story to someone,” — Amy Tan. Writing is the main basis upon which your education, work, and your intellect will be judged in college, in the workplace, and in your community. Florida National University recognizes this by encouraging its students to write it right! Being an educator... Read More
  • FNU Alumni Scholarship

    Effective July 1st, Florida National University (FNU) will be awarding a scholarship to FNU Alumni. The FNU Alumni Scholarship is a Florida National University scholarship. This scholarship is to be awarded every year to any graduate from one of FNU’s programs who enroll in another program. The purpose of the scholarship is to help the graduates of FNU continue in their journey of academic fulfillment and attainment. Specific programs are... Read More
  • 8 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

    Freedom comes in many forms to the new college freshman, and continues to reign throughout college. Students are faced daily with new decisions, new problems, and new difficulties. From budgeting to learning to cook, students have a lot on their minds. Your parents are no longer breathing down your throat and the cafeteria is full of delicious, buttery carbs. Where could you go wrong? No matter what you think about... Read More