• Best Jobs in Criminal Justice

    The criminal justice field holds many possible job opportunities. While there are endless interesting careers in the field, there are a few that stand out. The following are a few of the most rewarding careers in criminal justice: Criminal Lawyer A criminal lawyer represents a defendant in the criminal court system at the federal, state, and local level. Criminal lawyers may work on many cases at once, counseling clients on... Read More
  • 10 Holiday Tips for Students Away from Home

    The holidays are a special season filled with food, family, friends, and fun, but what do students do when they cannot head back home for the holidays? Follow Florida National University’s (FNU) tips if you find yourself far from home this season. Begin with Coping & Realization First of all, students should realize that they are not the only student who is spending a holiday alone. In fact, there are... Read More
  • Tips for Scoring an Accounting Job

    Obtaining a new job can be very stressful — and an accounting job is no exception. Students who are currently studying accounting, or hope to in the future, should follow Florida National University’s (FNU) tips for finding and getting the right job in the field! Endless Opportunity Accountants can work in a number of careers among several fields. Here are some of the most popular branches of accounting careers: Management... Read More
  • Grand opening of computer lab in Bucky Dent Gym

    grand opening of computer lab
  • Six (6) Ebola Virus Facts All Nurses Need to Know

    Recent outbreaks in cases of the Ebola Virus have left health care professionals concerned about their own well being during patient treatment, while also leaving them scrambling for ways to ensure that they address the worries of their patients appropriately. For a little background, in August 2014, the most recent outbreak of the virus occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was the first outbreak of the virus... Read More
  • Six (6) Things You Need to Know Before Becoming a Preschool Teacher

    While deciding which career to pursue, students should consider why a particular career or program of study interests them. When it comes to teaching, this is especially important. Prospective teachers might think that the most important part of becoming a teacher is the ability to enjoy spending copious amounts of time with children. While that is definitely a large aspect of the job description, there are a few other important... Read More
  • Top 6 Study Smart Snacks

    In the midst of a long, hard night of studying, it is easy (and very likely) to become frustrated, tired, and irritated. After losing the ability to focus, students often start to fall asleep—and that’s where the problem begins. All of that studying can go down the drain because one did not prepare properly! Stop with the Pop They say that once you pop, you just can’t stop—and the same... Read More
  • Why Apply to Earn a Healthcare Degree Online?

    Earning a degree is a monumental decision in an individual’s life. Prospective students must discover what interests them, while also considering their future goals and career ideas. After students have considered all of this, it is time to choose a program of study. Students will find that they have the option to apply to a traditional classroom, or they can apply to earn their degree online. Earning a healthcare degree... Read More
  • 4 Reasons Why it’s Great to be in the Accounting Field in Miami

    The field of accounting is growing—and it’s not just due to accountant roles on popular TV series. In fact, the role of accountants is growing in popularity for a number of other reasons. Students, see why studying accounting might be a good move to secure a great future, and find out why Miami is an excellent place to undertake this career choice. What is Accounting? As students are contemplating majors... Read More
  • Dr. Krenkel’s Interview on NBC’s 6 in the Mix

    Krenkel on channel 6 interview