• Florida National University Holds Pinning Ceremony for Its Respiratory Therapy Graduating Class

      On Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, Florida National University’s Respiratory Therapy Department hosted the pinning ceremony for graduating class number 8. The ceremony took place in the Hialeah Campus of Florida National University (FNU). Three members of the graduating class were also inducted into The Lambda Beta Society: The National Honor Society for the Profession of Respiratory Care. Once a year someone who renders great service to the profession is... Read More
  • College Prep for High School Athletes

    It is an exhilarating feeling: the excitement and humidity of a high school gym, filled with screaming fans. School spirit runs high as the scoreboard clock races through the last four seconds of the game. The senior team captain shoots the ball from the three-point line, boosting your team’s score over the rival’s by a single point. While this memorable moment might seem like an astounding accomplishment, it is crucial... Read More
  • Volunteering: The Best Alternative to Summer Internships

    While students, professionals and universities understand the value of an educational internship, it is not always a feasible option for students. Often, time constraints and the competitive nature of summer internships can make attaining one a difficult feat. The best alternative to a summer internship is to become a volunteer. Why Volunteer? Although volunteering does not reward students with credits toward their degree, it does empower them to create a... Read More
  • The Advantages of a Master’s in Health Services Administration

    Following recent reforms in national health care, individuals educated in Health Services Administration are currently in high demand. Professionals with modern knowledge and specialized education regarding health services are crucial to the smooth operation of healthcare facilities in the United States. What is Health Services Administration? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health services administrators and medical services managers “plan, direct, and coordinate medical and health services. They might... Read More
  • FNU’s Top 8 Hacks for Planning Life After Graduation

    Graduation is a defining moment in one’s life. After four or more years of study, an individual receives a diploma as the emblem of proof documenting their accreditation and expertise in a particular subject. However, life after graduation can seem intimidating to many students. For a person’s entire life, school dictates their schedule, availability and overall freedom. After graduation, however, these responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the individual, as... Read More
  • High School Student Ms. Yansly Marrero Performed Her Community Service Hours at FNU

    Summer has been quite busy. All of my friends are having fun at the beach or at the movies, but I started working on completing my required community service hours for high school. I’ve been working in an office at Florida National University (FNU). The office is the Online Learning Department, and the man that I am working with is called Jose Alonso, and he is in charge of social... Read More
  • Mikki Thompson, FSRC Delegate Holds Seminar at Florida National University

    On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, Mrs. Mikki Thompson, Director of Pulmonary Services at South Miami Hospital and Florida Society for Respiratory Care (FSRC) Delegate to the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) Congress visited the Florida National University (FNU) Hialeah Campus to address the University’s respiratory therapy students about the importance of becoming members of both professional associations which represent respiratory care professionals in the US Congress. During her presentation,... Read More
  • Benefits of Taking Summer Classes at FNU

    By the time finals roll around at the end of the spring semester, you are probably anxious to finish your exams and jump into summer. It’s finally time to relax, get a summer job to save up some money, travel, intern or volunteer. While these are all sensible ways to spend your summer vacation, taking summer classes is a great alternative. Here are a few reasons why you may want... Read More
  • The 2014-2015 Job Outlook for Accounting Graduates

    If you walked across the stage this spring to receive a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, then you should feel confident about your decision. Accounting graduates are currently one of the most sought after degree holders. Ranking at No. 3 in the National Association of Colleges and Employers The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014 report, accounting graduates can seek opportunities in government, retail trade, finance, insurance and real estate.... Read More
  • What Are Your Career Opportunities with an Accounting Degree?

    You may have heard that an accounting degree can leave graduates with numerous career opportunities. As the fundamental language and tool of business, accounting is a stepping-stone to every kind of business. Due to the drastic changes in the field over the last two decades, namely technology, increased government regulations, frequent tax law changes, the globalization of business and the continuous downsizing and restructuring of corporations, all business environments demand... Read More