• Room to Grow

    I’m a big believer in personal empowerment. I feel we humans have limitless potential, although we don’t always see it in ourselves, or each other. Believing is often the first hurdle. Empowerment usually requires two believers, yourself and someone who believes in you. That is where a good mentor comes in. I’ve had some wonderful mentors. Some probably never suspected they were mentors. Some of their lessons took years to... Read More
  • Building on Passion

    What are you passionate about? Here’s a hint, when you’re engage in something you’re passionate about, you loose track of time. When I write, hours pass like minutes. The intensity of focus is almost a trance like state. I’m equally passionate about art (sketching, painting, pottery, graphic design), but writing has always come easier than the rest—perhaps because I read so much or perhaps because it requires so little. Anyone... Read More
  • Excuses

    Let’s be blunt. Excuses are fears masquerading as responsibilities. I confess, even I use them. Take writing for instance, as a freelance writer, I use a Nome de plume (a pen name). It removes the inhibition of writing. When I write using my real name, I am much more self-conscious, much more careful not to offend. But sometimes, even the most carefully crafted words can be misinterpreted, so I hide... Read More
  • Opportunities

    Opportunities are interesting things. Generally, we think of opportunity as some anomalous event. Most liken opportunity to luck really, and perhaps there is a bit of luck involved. But opportunity is more than realizing you’re in the right spot at the right time, it’s about placing yourself at the right place, at the right time. Quite frankly, that is how I became the Director of Student Services, by putting myself... Read More
  • My FNU: Exploring the New Student Portal

    Finally! The New Student Portal is ready! But was it worth the wait? It certainly was. FNU students have the convenience of on Campus Services right from their computers. Here’s a brief run down of some of the things you can do: • Post Used Textbooks for Sale • Change Your Address • Print your schedule • View your grades • Print Unofficial Transcripts • Make a payment • View... Read More
  • Wecome to the FNU Academic Advising Blog!

      Welcome to the Florida National University Academic Advising Center Blog! The primary purpose of the Academic Advising Center is advising new and current students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. No matter if you're a new student, a transfer student, or a returning student, you're already made one of the biggest decisions of your life by deciding to attend FNU. This... Read More
  • Florida National University has a new Library Director!

    As of last week, the FNU Library has a new face – Aleksandra Pitner, our new Library Director. Aleksandra will lead the team of librarians at both the Hialeah Library and the South Campus Resource Room. She is excited to be a part of Florida National University family! Aleksandra says “the library is more than just a place with books – stop by for a tour and you’ll see why!”... Read More
  • National Blood Donor Month

    Fellow students, As you may have noticed, January is our Blood Donor Month. I believe there are several myths about blood donation that need to be cleared up in order to encourage more of us to donate blood and help save lives. I found this short FAQs http://www.givelife2.org/sponsor/quickfacts.asp article that will answer most of our questions about donating blood. Remember, it does not hurt more than just a mosquito bite... Read More
  • New to the Blogosphere!

    It is a great pleasure to be part of this blogosphere and provide you all with some tips and information from my own academic experience that you may find useful and help you avoid common mistakes that students make while attending higher education institutions. Why “ aperpetualstudent”? Well, for several reasons including a firm belief in constant learning and education; I have been a higher education student for many years.... Read More
  • Campus Voices

    I'm proud to announce a new ally in the FNU blogosphere: "aperpetualstudent". In an effort to keep our blog content fresh, innovative, and relevant to our students, a fellow blogger (and FNU student) will be contributing to the FNU Student Services blog. Our new blogger looks forward to your questions and comments, so stay tuned (i.e. subscribe to the blog) for posts from a student perspective. I would also like... Read More