Health Services Administration, MHS

The Master of Health Services Administration program is designed to provide high-quality professional education in order to assist executives and prepare the new generation of healthcare professionals to be part of leading positions in the administration, management, and planning of the healthcare industry in either the public or private sector.



Credit Hours
FIN 5409Applied Managerial Finance3
HSA 5114U.S Health Care System3
HSA 6185Management of Health Care Organizations3
HSA 5175Health Care Finance3
HSA 6752Statistics in Health Care Management3
HSA 6520Managerial Epidemiology3
HSA 5425Health Care Law & Legislation3
HSA 6342Health Care Human Resources Management3
HSA 6163Planning and Marketing in Health Services Administration3
HSA 6197Health Information Systems & Electronic Health Records3
HSA 6505Health Care Risk Management3
HSA 5923Health Services Administration Capstone Project3
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