Bernie My name is Bernardo Navarro. I was born in Havana, Cuba and began my journey to the United States when I was two. Like a regular kid, I played sports and watched television. At Florida International University, I received my Bachelors in History and Religious Studies. I went on to earn a Masters in Educational Leadership from St. Thomas University.  My background is in education as a teacher and administrator. I have worked in the education field for the past seven years.

My main hobby is working out at the gym. I started to work out when I was fifteen years of age. I also enjoy watching and playing sports. I am a big fan of the Miami Dolphins and I hope to one day see them reach the Superbowl. I would like to travel the world and experience the customs of all the different cultures.

My goal is to achieve the highest level of success as an advisor at Florida National University.

Contact Bernardo at:

305.821.3333 x. 1069