International Student? Try These Clubs to Network in South Florida

A group of students having a conversation outsideIt can be said that nothing is more awkward than being in an unfamiliar environment and it’s safe to say that the experience of an international student isn’t any different!

You may feel like a fish out of water, but anyone who is willing to venture outside of his or her comfort zone to pursue a broader perspective of life first-hand experience should be applauded. Such a commitment takes determination, dedication, and courage. In order to do something like this, one can’t entertain doubt or second thoughts; it is just not an option!

Likewise, it’s quite common to want to throw in the towel when things get tough, but you ought to consider this: You’ve come this far, so why give up now?

We’re here to help! Florida National University (FNU) understands the anxiety that may come with relocating across the globe and re-establishing oneself in a foreign cultural environment. That is why we have counselors on hand for FNU students to talk to. In addition to counseling services, FNU has established a few social organizations on campus that will help international students acclimate to their new environment.

More About FNU

FNU is conveniently located in Miami, Florida with three campuses throughout the South Florida region. With Miami being the most populated and diverse city in the state, FNU is the perfect school for most students to seamlessly transition from one country to another. Yet, even with Miami’s rich culture, it can still be challenging to feel ‘normal’. Languages are different and social customs may mean something entirely different.

Student Government Organizations

FNU’s Student Government Association (FNUSGA) is the perfect social vehicle for international students to integrate into the American culture.

The FNUSGA is a self-governing student organization that serves as a type of mediator between faculty, staff and students. FNUSGA requires students to meet and communicate with one another in order to determine the best way to help the university thrive. They’re in charge of making sure FNU and its departments are working together as one successful organization whose goal is to strive for the betterment of its students and the community. It’s not all work for FNUSGA; they get to have fun too by organizing and planning student activities like parties, dances, picnics, sporting events, fundraisers, and other affairs.

Alpha Phi Sigma

For Criminal Justice majors looking to get involved outside of class, there’s Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Getting involved with our Mu Zeta Chapter on campus is highly recommended. Driven with the determination of “combining justice and law to achieve success,” the Mu Zeta Chapter strives for excellence by encouraging their members to excel academically and in leadership while in unity with their members and the entire student body.

Membership within the Mu Zeta Chapter is offered to students who are enrolled in the criminal justice field from undergraduates to juris doctorates.

For more information about Alpha Phi Sigma, visit their official page on FNU’s website here.

FNU Athletic Department

For those seeking a more active camaraderie, you may be interested in being a part of our FNU sports teams. The FNU Athletic Department is dedicated to assisting students in acquiring a well-rounded education through sports and competition. Likewise, the purpose of our FNU Athletic department is to help students develop life skills of discipline, integrity, leadership, philanthropy and social responsibility while elevating ethnic and cultural diversity.

At FNU, we truly believe that there’s no “I” in team and our FNU sports teams give you an opportunity to be a part of a team for a lifetime!

Here are a list of FNU Conquistador sports:

o Basketball
o Soccer
o Volleyball

To learn more about Conquistador Athletics, go to (add link again)

Chamber of Commerce

We gave you some on-campus options but if you’re looking to get involved outside of campus, consider a chamber of commerce. A chamber of commerce is a networking business outside of our campus whose goal is to promote the businesses and entrepreneurs in their community as a collective. As a result, several chapters are formed and are typically divided by towns and/or cities.

Miami is a huge metropolitan area and there are many chamber of commerce chapters. While it is convenient to join a chapter that is in close proximity to one’s home, it is also smart to consider a chapter that is making a significant impact in their community.

Here is a list of a few chamber of commerce chapters in Miami:

o Latin Chamber of Commerce
o Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce
o Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce
o Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Some chamber of commerce organizations will even provide a discounted rate for students.

Clubs and Organizations for Specific Areas of Interest

There are other clubs and organizations outside of FNU that students may want to join. Depending on one’s specific area of interest, it might be better to find an organization that has the type of mission statement that matches one’s own specific academic goals. It is recommended to consult an advisor to recommend legitimate organizations but just make sure you’re getting involved!

Blending In

Oftentimes, the best way to quickly acclimate to a new environment is to find a student who is well acquainted with American customs. It could be a natural US citizen or perhaps a fellow international student who may already have a year of experience. At any rate, it is probably advantageous to have both.

FNU: Helping You Fit In!

Fitting in is hard, but it’s doable! It’s important to remember that as an FNU international student, you are not alone; we got you covered! Our university has a high enrollment of international students who, with the help of clubs, organizations and our FNU family, have successfully managed to adjust quickly to their new environment. If you are looking into a college or university in the United States where you can easily transition, look into FNU and you won’t be disappointed. Take a look at our campus programs and call us now to be a part of our family!