List of Scholarships You Can’t Miss in South Florida

Files with a "scholarship" tab Scholarships are a significant source of financial security for a number of students. If you are considering attending a university, a scholarship might be what makes it feasible for you.

Are you ready to learn about the scholarship opportunities available in Florida? Florida National University (FNU) has gathered a list of the top scholarships you can’t miss in South Florida:

  1. FNU Miami-Dade County Public Schools High School Seniors Scholarship

Are you a senior hoping for the financial resources required to pay for school? FNU offers a scholarship to senior high school and charter schools in the area each year. This scholarship offers funds to a graduating senior that is a U.S. resident with a 2.5 GPA or greater. This student must be recommended by two of his/her teachers, and they must meet further requirements, as well.

  1. FNU Alumni Scholarship

The FNU Alumni Scholarship is a Florida National University scholarship. This scholarship is awarded every year to any graduate from one of FNU’s programs and enrolls in another program. The purpose of the scholarship is to help the graduates of FNU continue in their journey toward academic fulfillment and attainment. Specific programs are not eligible for the alumni scholarship. These programs are: Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, and Physical Therapist Assistant. However, students of all other programs are welcome to apply.

  1. The Medical Professional Scholarship at Florida National University

Medical professionals residing in the state of Florida can apply for a scholarship with Florida National University.
The Medical Professional Scholarship at Florida National University is awarded annually to active employees of the Medical Profession residing in the State of Florida.

  1. FNU Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship is granted to freshmen and transfer students based on their GPA, SAT, or ACT scores. Recipients of this scholarship must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA every semester to continue to be eligible for the Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded at the time of enrollment and will be renewed every academic year.

  1. FNU Athletic Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to male or female athletes who have collegiate athletic eligibility and who possess the academic standards necessary to prosperously build upon the Department of Athletics Mission Statement.

  1. FNU Community Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the top applicants who demonstrate commitment to community service. In order to qualify, applicants must turn in a documented list of community service activities completed during high school. The student’s high school counselor or cap advisor must sign this document.

  1. Dr. Manuel Viamonte Scholarship

The Dr. Manuel Viamonte Scholarship is a Florida National University scholarship that is awarded to a Radiology Technology student. The scholarship will be awarded every year to the winner of an essay contest that is open to high school candidates. The subject is: The Importance of Studies in Radiology.

  1. City of Hialeah Parks & Recreation Scholarship

Through the City of Hialeah Scholarship Board, Inc., FNU will offer scholarships for students engaged in City of Hialeah youth programming.

  1. FNU State or FL Hospital Employee Scholarship

The FNU State of Florida Hospital Employee Scholarship is awarded every year to active employees in hospitals in the State of Florida.
Students must be active hospital employees in the state of Florida. A letter from the employees Human Resources Department must be provided along with a work ID. This is a great path for hospital employees who wish to further their medical knowledge.

  1. Legal Leaders Scholarship

The Console & Hollawell Legal Leaders Scholarship is available to students who are pursuing a career in law. Applicants must be pursuing a degree in pre-law, paralegal studies, or working towards their Juris Doctorate in any concentration of the law. This is excellent for FNU students in the legal studies or paralegal programs.

  1. ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association (ABA) Legal Opportunity Scholarship grants 20 incoming diverse law students financial assistance over the course of their three years of law school. William G. Paul initiated this scholarship to encourage racially and ethnically diverse students to apply and attend law school. This is another great selection for FNU students in legal studies and paralegal programs.

  1. Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

The Nurse Corps Scholarship Program provides scholarships to nursing students in exchange for a minimum 2-year full-time service commitment (or part-time equivalent) at an eligible health care facility that is experiencing a critical shortage of nurses. Scholarships are awarded competitively and consist of payment for tuition, required school fees, other reasonable costs and a monthly support stipend.

  1. Alpha Phi Sigma Mu Zeta Presidential Award

This distinguished award is for those students who are active members of the Mu Zeta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society. The award is given every year to the winner of an essay contest on the following subject: How can an FNU degree assist you in becoming an ethical member within your profession?

  1. José Regueiro Scholarship

The José Regueiro Scholarship, in honor of the President of the institution, is an FNU scholarship that is to be awarded every year to the winner of an essay contest. This is open to high school candidates. Students must write an essay on the following: The Importance of a College Degree. 

  1. Diaz-Balart Scholarship

The Díaz-Balart Scholarship has been established by FNU to honor the Díaz-Balart family. Political immigrants from Cuba, the Díaz-Balart family has continued in the United States its long history of public service—which began many years ago in their homeland.

The scholarship is awarded to a student who has immigrated to the United States of America. The scholarship is to be awarded every year to the winner of an essay contest, written by high school candidates on the following subject: Educational Opportunities within the American Democracy.

  1. FNU/ Government Scholarship

The FNU/Government Scholarship is an FNU scholarship that is to be awarded every year to government employees. 

  1. Bertha Redondo Scholarship

This scholarship has been named after one of the founders’ family members whose love and dedication to our institution left a mark on the development and growth of the institution.

It is awarded to FNU graduates of the ASN and Respiratory Therapy, AS program who plan to enroll in the Advanced Bachelor of Science in Nursing or in the RRT to BSRRT Advanced. It is offered in order to honor them for their outstanding effort completing the ASN or Respiratory Therapy, AS program.

For more details about the qualifications regarding these scholarships, please visit the FNU scholarship page. There are many opportunities for students hoping to lessen the financial burden associated with a college degree.

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