Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges Honored Two Florida National University Team Members

FNU members receiving awards

Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC) honored two Florida National University (FNU) team members with well deserved awards at the 2014 FAPSC Annual Conference at Turnberrry Isle Miami in Aventura. The awards were presented to the honorees by Dr. Linda Weldon, FAPSC President.

Barbara Rodriguez FNU Humanities Department HeadDr. Barbara Rodriguez was awarded the FAPSC 2014 Administrator of the Year ~ Education Category

. She received this prestigious award on July 31, 2014. Her outstanding leadership, skills, actions, and services have consistently made a very positive impact on students, staff, faculty, and fellow administrators’ lives. Her experience working with a culturally diverse group of people has provided her to become a master of interpersonal skills. Dr. Rodriguez is the institution’s liaison to its accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges. Her knowledge, wisdom, leadership, initiatives, and contributions have added value and improved FNU. She is an exemplary educator and role model. Dr. Rodriguez has made numerous contributions to education and FNU. Dr. Rodriguez was honored by the recognition, and said, “I feel honored receiving this award and representing Florida National University. It is always a welcomed surprise when we are recognized for the everyday things we do especially when they are done with pride and passion for the profession of education.”




Mr. Omar Escarpio was he recipient of the FAPSC 2014 Faculty Member of the Year.

Professor Escarpio was honored duringFNU Professor Omar Escarpio the Faculty Conference Luncheon on August 1, 2014. He is an exemplary professor with tremendous commitment, dedication, and passion to the Respiratory Therapy profession, his students, and to FNU. He shares his knowledge and experience, and advises students on the goals and sacrifices needed to succeed as a Respiratory Therapists, and as human beings in the Healthcare field. Because he firmly believes and truly wants that his former students become his professional colleagues, he gives of his free time and volunteers to help graduates prepare for the three required respiratory therapy national exams administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care. Professor Escarpio felt humbled and honored to receive his award and shared: “It’s nice to know that through getting an education, students gain knowledge, skills, and personal and financial wealth!”


Dr. Maria C. Regueiro, President/CEO of Florida National University, said “Dr. Rodriquez and Professor Escarpio are perfect examples as to why FNU is the university that opens doors to the future.”