Florida National University Attends Awards Ceremony at Palmetto General Hosptial

On February 14, 2013, Florida National University (FNU) was proud to attend a special awards ceremony at Palmetto General Hospital. The hospital was designated by HealthGrades as the number one hospital in Florida for cardiac surgery and among the nation’s 100 best hospitals for this particular specialty. In addition to the top national and state rankings, Palmetto General Hospital also achieved HealthGrades’ top rating – 5-stars –for its quality in Coronary Bypass Surgery, Heart Valve Surgery, and Treatment of Stroke categories.

Distinguished personalities in the health field were honored during the awards ceremony at Palmetto General Hospital. Ms. Lisa Esch, Healthgrades Vice president, Professional Services, conferred the award to Ms. Ana Mederos, CEO, Palmetto General Hospital and Dr. Romualdo Segurola, Medical Director, The Heart Institute at Palmetto General Hospital.

Florida National University was present to express its gratitude to Palmetto General Hospital for its constant support by allowing FNU’s nursing students perform their clinical rotations at the hospital. Palmetto General also provides clinical rotations for the University’s respiratory students.

HealthGrades is an organization that rates health care facilities based on data and public information obtained from several sources such as Medicare’s database. HealthGrades, located in Denver, Colorado, was founded in 1998 by Kerry Hicks a well-known patient advocate in the healthcare field. HealthGrades provides consulting services to more than 350 hospitals for recommendations on how to preserve or improve their quality of care, as well as marketing and business development.