Foreign Student Finds FNU, New Life in the United States

Manuel Garzon has come a long way from Colombia. He is currently employed at Florida National University in the South Campus Computer Lab, where he works with training students to become more computer savvy. He is also a graduate from the institution.
Foreign Student Manuel Garzon Finds FNU, New Life in the United States

Garzon came to the university seeking an I-20 visa, otherwise known as a Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status. At the time, the university was a college, not quite yet a university. Garzon took a year to work on his personal life and situation to become a resident. He immediately returned to FNU. “I’d never choose another place,” he states. “Maria Hoffman, Guillermo Araya, and many others were great and gave me a personal touch in regards to my education and experience here.” He continues, “What can I say? Most of the people here in the university are like family to me. I have no bad things to say. They gave me the chance to come to this country, to work, to study, and now they are giving me the chance to let people know my story.”

He began to study his Associates Degree in Business Administration, which he attained. Around the time of graduation, he began his employment at FNU. He moved on to attain his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, “I earned it in one year instead of two,” Garzon proudly says. “Hopefully in May or June I will begin my Master’s,” he says with a smile.

When asked about attaining his Associates online Garzon said, “I can say that I loved doing my Associates online. I am sure that if anyone were to try it, they’d love it. I love the classroom, but there’s nothing like having your own time.” As for the Bachelor’s, “Don’t stop there. The Bachelor’s is what the Associate’s was 10 years ago.” As for attaining goals he says, “If anyone is trying to achieve their goals: Don’t even think about it, just do it.”

Finally, when asked about what he defines as success, Garzon eloquently says, “Waking up early in the morning, working, having a goal. In other words: Dreaming, but awake.”