Master’s Degree Program

Industrial and Organizational Psychology


The Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a 36-credit online and on-campus program that provides students with insight into the connection between the field of psychology and the management field and human resources. Students will obtain an education that will facilitate the understanding of what an organization looks into for the increase of production and job satisfaction and will learn how to relate the use of human behavior and understanding in the application of job enhancement and job satisfaction.

This Master’s program will provide students with the professional education needed to function at the finest level in a variety of management settings where human behavior is used like, big organizations, management training, and supervision competencies.

This program can be offered completely both, on Campus and online, since it is a non-clinical curriculum that makes the program an excellent option for working professionals needing to incorporating graduate study with job everyday job responsibilities. The program also has a goal of providing advanced education to those living in areas outside the United States, those with limited or no access to this type of graduate-level program, and individuals working irregular shift schedules, and the military.



What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial-organizational psychology (I-O psychology) is the “scientific study of the workplace.” As one of the most rapidly growing branches within the dynamic and diverse psychology profession, I-O psychology focuses on applying psychological theories to organizations in an effort to increase workplace productivity, boost the physical and mental well-being of employees, and ensure workplace safety. Industrial-organizational psychologists use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems in the workplace and improve the quality of life. They study workplace productivity and management and employee working styles. They get a feel for the confidence and personality of a company or organization. They collaborate with management to help plan policies, carry out screenings and training sessions, and develop a plan for the future.



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