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Jassiel oliva

Alumni Letter to FNU.

My early background

While growing up, I liked doing many things such as reading books, going to the swimming pool with my friends, playing games, and going out on weekends. Schooling wasn’t something that I liked that much. However, this does not mean that I was a poor student. In fact, I was an above-average student who performed well in some subjects. There is something about literature that I did not like in my early schooling.

I did good in history, business, and technical subjects at school. Looking back on those days, I loved what was being taught to us by our technical teachers, especially sciences. Although when I started high school, I still loved sciences, something happened, and I ended up disliking some business subjects. My love for computer and computing lessons developed. While this happened to me, I also developed an interest in science-related subjects at school.

The teacher that made the greatest impact in my life

At campus, I ended up developing a love for scientific subjects. This is because I chose to do the Radiology Program. My radiology Professor 1 year ago was Professor Alfredo Armenteros. Professor Alfredo was my tutor for two years at Florida National University. Professor Armenteros is a unique teacher that I have ever come across in my entire life. This is because of his personality as well as the manner in which he offered his lectures on the campus. Being his student gave me the privilege to meet a teacher that is non like any other I ever came across in my life. The professor had a funny personality, unlike many teachers that have majored in teaching sciences. He teaches in such a manner that draws the attention of his students. I have heard cases of students sleeping during lectures in other courses. However, in our class, I do not think that I ever saw any of my classmates’ sleep or doze off during the professor’s lecture. Every lecture that he offered in class was catchy in its own way. in fact, he always had a way of getting into our heads in case he noticed that we did not grasp what he was teaching during a lecture.

When I joined campus, I had my own perception of what radiology is. However, I realized that I had a wrong judgment of what I had to encounter during the course. Even though I was wrong, I was not so lost. Professor Alfredo’s lectures made me realize so much about the course. He always answered all the questions that we had. During the course, he taught us about how we can be able to handle our patients with care and also keep ourselves safe from the radiologic emissions from the radioactive rays that we will get to work on when we begin our profession. Today I am a professional because of the manner in which I was introduced to the course that defines my career. Indeed, professor Alfredo is a teacher that I will not forget any time soon. He has an impact on me that will last my lifetime.


Student’s name: Jassiel oliva

Program: Radiology