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My name is Diana Artiles, I am a student at Florida National University. Since I was very young, I always wanted to become a doctor. In August 2017 after giving birth to my 3rd child, I decided it was time to finish my undergraduate education. Three years later, I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children, and just a few days shy of obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences, I can proudly say that I was accepted to American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. With no time to lose, in January 2021, I will embark on a new adventure, the one that will give me the opportunity to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a Physician. I would have not done so without hard work, perseverance, and outstanding support from my professors and advisors here at FNU. Florida National University opened the doors to the future I always dreamed about; I am thankful for that.


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