1. What degree did you pursue at FNU?
Associate degree in Computer Programming

2. What year did you graduate?

3. What would you say has been your biggest accomplishment since graduating FNU?
My wife and I built a mission to feed and reach hundreds of poor children, teens, and families just 30 minutes from Haiti. We have been the founders and presidents of this mission. We got to build two schools to educate children and teens without running water in their homes. Today, many of those are now in the capital city furthering their careers due to these rural schools we help build. Others have become business owners like kids living in extreme poverty 30 minutes from Haiti who have attended a small school we built, with no a/c, concrete floors, electricity being cut daily. A student at FNU has no excuse to get ahead. We can learn from these kids near Haiti.

4. What would you say was the hardest part of coming to school (family, kids, work, etc)?
In my case, I was 19, coming right out of high school. Coming to FNU is like coming to a family. When you are authentic, and have gratitude for the place you study at, or work at, you will be blessed. Gratitude is a vital key to success in life. I was extremely grateful to FNU since I became a student.

5. What made FNU the right school for you?
I looked into community colleges and noticed it was like being right back in high school again. That was not my idea of “college.” I wanted something different. Students coming to FNU for the most part, want that “something” different. It pays off to come to FNU. It’s all a matter of perspective. What helped me change and have a healthy perspective to get the most out of FNU treasures, was being humble enough to talk with those professionals at FNU, teachers, leaders, Deans. There is a wealth of experience and insight if you put forth effort in talking with FNU leaders, asking questions.

6. Would you recommend FNU to other students? Why?
We have learned a valuable principle in building our mission near Haiti for 12 years. Those on the top, meaning the Presidents, the founders of any organization or company, set the tone for what they are building and everyone underneath them follows. For example, my campus dean Dr. Jorge Alfonso is a perfect example. He was instrumental in going the extra mile in my education at FNU, because of the influence, direction, and heartfelt vision of the President. I left FNU prepared to tackle the corporate world. Of course, it takes you putting forth effort. The true effort, getting along with others knowing the principals of relating with others. You will eventually be noticed and someone will come alongside you and influence you.

7. What could we have done better to help you?
I was very satisfied.

Even though my degree was Computer Programming, the fact that I ended up working at places like The SEC institute, The Children’s Psychiatric Center and building a mission near Haiti, it says and proves my point, that if you put forth the effort and take advantage of the wealth of information from the leadership at FNU anything is possible for you…. But it all has to do with maturity, growing up!