Top 10 Apps That Help Keep Miami Student’s College Career on Track

Phone being held and on the home screenMobile technology has advanced quite a bit over the years. There was a time when one couldn’t imagine a phone to be as thin as a wallet, much less work like one. What are now known as “smartphones” are equipped to do so much more than just work as a portable form of communication.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, people are able to use their smartphones as a map, calendar, camera, voice recorder, video recorder, phone book, and more. Today, even that is almost considered a bit archaic as it is expected to be the standard for the cheapest of mobile phones.

With an oversaturated market of apps, there’s an app for almost any service nowadays. An app is a type of software designed to perform specific tasks. Very much like how software developers create desktop applications for computers, so it is for smartphones.

The Progression of the Smartphone

During the rise of smartphones, getting Internet access on one’s mobile phone was a groundbreaking accomplishment. Aside from speed, developers quickly discovered that the programs designed for a standard computer screen did not comply with the size of the phone screen. As a result, developers had to create an application or app that allowed smartphone users to access websites through their phone without a site looking distorted. Ideas for apps have been generating ever since!

Apps for Smartphones

Apps are as much of a part of our society as the smartphone is. The cellphone wouldn’t be a smartphone without it. Many developers understand this.

Smartphones have become one of the most sought after technological tools that college students have grown to depend upon. USA Today reports that the “global revenue from apps is expected to rise a full 62% to $25 billion this year, according to Gartner, Inc.” They further reported that according to Nielsen, “the average smartphone user had 41 apps installed in 2012 versus 32 in 2011.”

Apps for Businesses and Commerce

Big businesses and corporations also understand this and have partnered with some of these developers to make their customer’s experience easier and hopefully pleasurable. The logic here is that the more pleasurable a customer’s buying experience is, the more likely they are to become a loyal client. Online banking through one’s mobile phone is a perfect example of this.

Other businesses may partner up with another smartphone application to increase their sales while indirectly giving more business to the developer, helping them implement their app into another entity. Being able to purchase tickets to an event through one’s smartphone-like Ticketmaster serves as an example of this kind of eCommerce. Furthermore, these apps leverage specific content strategies to help with e-commerce Seo.

Smartphones for College Students

Developers have also realized that educational institutions can greatly benefit from apps. Students taking online classes don’t have to worry about running to the computer lab to see if their next assignment has been issued. Thanks to apps, students have the convenience of tapping away at their smartphone to log in to their university’s online application.

It doesn’t stop there! USA Today also said that Google Play and Apple’s App Store have over 700,000 apps available for download. That means that if one can think of a function that might make his or her life a little easier, chances are a developer has created it for the smartphone. For a college student, there couldn’t be better news.

To keep one from getting overwhelmed with all 700,000+ apps, Florida National University (FNU) has researched some apps that college students may find to be the most useful.

Here is a list of the top #10 apps that will help keep a student’s college career on track:

1. Eventbrite – Eventbrite is a user-friendly app that helps people buy or sell tickets to an event. This serves as a handy promotional tool as the website is also designed to be the go-to place to find the latest events. Patrons can buy tickets to their favorite concert with one click while promoters can manage their festivals, fundraisers, and/or conferences through their smartphone.

2. iStudiez Pro – This is a custom-made app especially designed for students to keep track of their schedule along with homework, grades, and other academic activities. It is also a great tool for looking up past schedules to reference.

3. EasyBib – This might be considered one of the most helpful tools when writing a term paper. Easybib eliminates the tedious amount of time that is taken to create a bibliography. It is considered to be the most accurate citation app. This is app is definitely a must-have for students!

4. iTunes U by Apple – Most people may already be familiar with iTunes, but iTunesU is another app designed to download certain educational audio and digital files from institutions like universities, museums, and public media organizations.

5. inClass – inClass, another Apple application is said to be “the last school app you’ll ever need.” Similar to iStudiez Pro, inClass is also designed to organize one’s school schedule. Some students may prefer one over the other. It is ultimately up to the individual and the type of smartphone he or she has, in order to determine the best app.

6. Google Drive – Google Drive is an app that is connected to Gmail email accounts. One has the ability to access his or her files through this application whether it is through his or her smartphone or tablet.

7. Mint – Mint is a budgeting software app. It is assumed that the financial matters of a college student barely exist. On the contrary, no matter how much or how little money one manages, the Mint app is designed to help students better handle their finances.

8. City Maps 2Go – One needn’t be a student to appreciate this app! City Maps 2Go will assist in navigating the most unfamiliar area. It is certainly worth having as part of a smartphone/tablet holder’s 41 apps!

9. Magic Jack – The Magic Jack app is most beneficial for international students who wish to speak to family members without paying premium long distance calls.

10. Foodspotting – FNU has a terrific cafeteria in the Hialeah campus, but if one chooses to venture outside the campus area to taste the diverse multi-national cuisines Miami has to offer, the Foodspotting app is the perfect tool to help students find the restaurant for whatever they might have a taste for!

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