• FNU Men's soccer player Esteban

    Men’s Soccer Home Opener 2017

    Florida National University – 4 Savannah College of Art and Design – 1 USCAA vs NAIA | August 18, 2017| Hialeah FL| Goodlet Park| Scorers: Rodrigo Costa 20, Nicolas Micoli 28, 72 Marco Shimizu 80. Florida National University kicked off the 2017 season in style with an impressive 4-1 in win over Savannah College of … Continued

  • The History of Florida National University

    When it comes to choosing a university to enroll in, there’s nothing like a good story to put a face behind a name giving you a better understanding of the history of a school and something to tell your children about. In turn, you’re giving them something to be proud of as they may consider … Continued

  • cell phone and computer on desk

    6 Back-to-School Campus Safety Rules

    6 Back-to-School Campus Safety Rules Beth Kotz   The start of another school year means many things – new classes, different professors, and fresh opportunities to pursue your career goals. But before you rush into the fray of back-to-back study sessions and caffeine-charged all-nighters, take some time to consider everything else that comes with college … Continued

  • 6 Tips for Applying to a RN to MSN Program

    If you are a registered nurse looking for a promotion in the healthcare field, then you may very well be eligible for the RN to MSN degree program offered at Florida National University (FNU).  The RN to MSN degree is designed to teach registered nurses how to build upon their experience as a professional. This … Continued

  • 5 people in scrubs examining an xray

    Finger Print and Seminar Schedule – August

    August 18th – Hialeah Campus 6:00 pm CPR $25 8:15 pm OSHA-HIV $25  

  • Miami University That Offer Continuing Education Programs

    The importance of continuing education is becoming more of a priority than it is an option these days. With technology steadily increasing, the need to be at the top of your professional game is ever present. Even professionals who have been working in their industry for decades are at risk of getting their job … Continued

  • respiratory therapist

    The Leading Respiratory Therapy Program in South Florida [Video]

    Demand for Respiratory Therapists is increasing. Part of the demand comes from the vacancies left by retiring baby boomers, another part from an increase in specially trained personnel in the newest medical technological advances to diagnose and treat pulmonary illnesses and conditions. Today more and more respiratory departments in South Florida are looking for respiratory … Continued

  • 5 Things About Accredited Florida Universities You May Not Have Known

    1.The United States Federal Government does not accredit universities. This might be one of the biggest shocks that may confuse prospective students who are looking for the right college to attend. It true though. The United States (US) government has no control over what school gets accredited and which one does not. This is left … Continued

  • Which College Can I Earn a Criminal Justice Degree Online?

    As an aspiring college student, your options for choosing which university to earn your degree in Criminal Justice can be quite a challenge, because there are plenty of options! Florida National University (FNU) is going to be your best choice for earning a college degree in the Criminal Justice field. As a regionally accredited … Continued

  • Where to Find a Great Computer Networking Degree Program in South Florida [Video]

    Choosing a career in computer networking will certainly open more doors of opportunity to your future. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth from 2014 to 2024 for information technology workers. This percentage is actually expected to increase. It’s due to the high demand for IT professionals who … Continued

  • The Benefits of Continuing Education Programs in Miami, FL

    There’s no doubt about it. Academic achievements open doors to your future career! Living in Miami, Florida where almost everything is fast-paced, many aspiring college students are looking to continuing education programs to get a leg up in their field of interest. Yet, there are so many advantages to enrolling in a continuing education … Continued

  • Top Benefits that FNU Offers to Veterans in Miami

    Enlisting in the military is a huge sacrifice. For United States (US) soldiers, the level of commitment is admirable. Some soldiers don’t make it back home and if they do, they may be seriously injured mentally and/or physically. US veterans should be honored. Dedicating your time, and quite possibly your life to fight and defend … Continued

  • children in day care

    Little Angels Children Development Center Receives Full Accreditation

    Florida National University (FNU) is proud to announce that our in-house child-care service, Little Angels Children Development Center, has earned Full Accreditation from the Green Apple Accreditation of Children’s Services, with an A+ Platinum School Rating. Serving a range of ages from infants to 11 years old, Little Angels provides a safe, educational and nurturing environment … Continued

  • Top 4 College Degrees You Can Earn While Working a Full-Time Job

    It is becoming more common these days for full-time employees to earn their college degree in their spare time. These kinds of students are referred to as non-traditional students. However, as the number of non-traditional students continues to grow, these students are slowly becoming what could be considered the “new norm.” Is Working While … Continued

  • Graduate Certificate Programs You Can Take in South Florida

    According to U.S. News, graduate certificate courses are the perfect alternative for students who are interested in taking master-level classes but don’t have the time to commit to a full master’s degree program. Graduate certificate courses are micro-master programs that focus on a single professional area designed to improve your skillset. Start Earning Master’s Credits … Continued

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