• Where to Earn a Continuing Education Program Diploma or Certificate in South Florida

    Living in the South Florida area, the sun is always shining and the weather offers a balmy, tropical breeze of salty ocean air that lulls vacationers into a restful peace of mind. As one of the top states vacationers flock to, it might be a it bit unsettling to understand how one could commit … Continued

  • Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?

    Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?

    While you can certainly apply for an online bachelor’s degree from anywhere in the country, there’s something to be said about having the convenience of enrolling in a regionally accredited institution that has a brick and mortar in-classroom option as well. So it’s not uncommon to live in the South Florida area and apply to … Continued

  • Finding an Online MBA Program in Miami

    Finding an Online MBA Program in Miami

    When it comes to finding the right masters program to earn your business degree while living in Miami, the options are plentiful. However, just because there are a vast array of options doesn’t mean that they’re all good. It is up to you to conduct a thorough assessment of the universities that will offer … Continued

  • free online career test to see if Accounting is the career for you.

    The Best Online Accounting Degree Program in South Florida

    Searching for the right online accounting program can be a challenge. Online accounting programs are plentiful and easy to find, but because the options are readily at your fingertips means that you need to be diligent in searching for the best program for you. First, it’s important to assess what you want and need. If … Continued

  • FNU Mobile App

    Accessing all the tools you need has never been easier. Read news, contact faculty and staff, and locate your class on campus maps.

  • Air Force jet flyover

    Air Force Veteran finds Success at FNU

    For FNU Graduate Jorge Montiel, an undeniable passion for serving our country and getting a quality education led him past turmoil. Jorge is a veteran of the United States Air Force and was deployed to Iraq in 2005 from the Langley Air Force Base as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After coming back to the … Continued

  • Secrets of Successful College Students

    Whether you’re pursuing an associates or bachelor’s degree through a brick and mortar educational institution or online, the requirements needed to achieve such degrees are high, which means that an exceptional amount of hard work, commitment and dedication is also needed. There are going to be times throughout your college career when you might … Continued

  • Best University for Non-Traditional Students in Miami

    Best University for Non-Traditional Students in Miami

    Miami is a vibrant city that is full of cultural diversity, arts, and professional opportunities. According to the World Population Review, Miami had a population that was estimated at 441,003 in 2016 with a density of 4,687 per square mile. This all equates to Miami being the 44th most populated city in the United … Continued

  • Simple Ways to Improve Your University Exam Scores

    Simple Ways to Improve Your University Exam Scores

    Whether you’re currently a 4.0 student or working to get there, it’s always best to keep in mind that there’s room for improvement. Some classes may be a little easier than others, possibly even some semesters. Each one will come with its own set of challenges. And one study habit that may have worked … Continued

  • Portrait Photo of FNU Grad, Nickenson Chery

    Perseverance and Change Pays Off for FNU Grad

    The old adage says that a smooth sea never made for a skilled sailor. As is the case for Nickenson Chery, an FNU graduate who had to fight great obstacles to find success, even when his journey took him across the country. Nickenson began at FNU in the Spring of 2008 as a Radiology major. … Continued

  • Team gathered for Group Picture

    Men’s Basketball 2016-2017 All-Americans

    After a very long day of traveling, Florida National Men’s Basketball team has arrived in Fayetteville,PA. The conquistadors are anxious and very much looking forward to taking on the #3 seed (Berra College) tomorrow Wednesday March 1, 2017 afternoon at 3:00 pm. Before the games start tomorrow, tonight the conquistadors got the chance to celebrate … Continued

  • A female nurse holding a clipboard in her hand

    6 Degrees in the Health Field to Start a Better Career in Miami

    Do you currently live or plan to move to the Miami area and want to begin a rewarding career in the healthcare industry? Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university with campuses throughout the South Florida area offers an impressive catalog of degree programs that can help jumpstart your healthcare career. Health Services … Continued

  • Pen laying on top of a sheet of paper from a notebook

    Why a College Degree Could Mean a Higher Paying Job for You

    We want to address some of the naysayers who claim that getting a college education isn’t worth it. While it’s true that there are some jobs that have the potential to offer a healthy salary without stepping foot into a college classroom, there are even more that will just because you did! So, do … Continued

  • Nursing students pose at the golden Room

    Nursing Students Learn from Special Guest Speaker!

    A group of our Maternity/Infant Nursing and Leadership students participated in a guest speaker presentation facilitated by Nicole Vascianna, RN, CLEC, from The Village Maternity Services.  Nicole is a registered nurse, birth doula, and certified lactation education counselor.  She founded The Village Maternity Services in 2013 as a means of supporting women through pregnancy and … Continued

  • Florida National University collage with picture of graduation, soccer players, dental students and exterior of campus

    How to Work and Go to College After High School in Miami

    Graduating from high school is a major accomplishment. With everything that goes on in high school, for some students, it may not seem like it will ever happen. So when it finally does, the goal for some high school graduates is to just take a break from it all. While this might sound like … Continued

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