The Office of Student Services is the division of the institution that serves as a mediator between the Student
Body and the University. This entity also coordinates the various activities offered to the students that contribute
to their cultural, social, moral, intellectual, and physical development.

Student Services offers a large variety of services for the student, ranging from campus engagement, clubs and organizations, campus security, to campus activities and events. This innovative office and its staff exist to serve
the student by creating and maintaining a sustainable environment for student learning and success. Some of
the things that student services provides are:

Internship Opportunities — The Online Guide to Internships, Co-Op Programs, Student Jobs and More. This is
an online resource for students looking for summer and year-round internships.

Exam Preparation Sessions — Helps you prepare for the Kaplan or TEAS exams. Get help with Science, Math or English/Reading. Open to all currently enrolled FNU Students.
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Tutorials — Need help with ESL, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Math, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, or Medical Technology? Get help with these tutoring sessions. Open to all currently enrolled FNU Students.
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FNU’s Social Media Network — Students can connect to FNU through the following social media networks:
Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn , Twitter, Google+ and Blogs on the latest happenings on campus.

Dean’s List — All students who receive a 3.5 GPA or above are honored by being placed on the Dean’s List. The
awards can be picked up at the Student Services Office.

Student Applause Awards – Every term FNU students are encouraged to select and honor a professor that has positively impacted their lives.

Campus and Community Leadership —It takes more to be a leader than a simple degree. Student Services offers hands on leadership training from the experts

Student Clubs and Organizations — College is what you make it! Get out and get engaged in your community and school by joining a club or organization.

Student ID’s — For your safety and security Student ID’s must be worn in a visible place at all times. Replacement ID’s are $5.00.

Educational Enrichment — Student services works closely with the student body to identify and create motivational and inspirational activities and/or presentations that will enrich the educational experience.

Change of Address—Not all news is bad news and keeping us up to date on your current address and phone number ensures you will receive vital information. Change of address forms can be completed in Student Services.

Campus Safety—Campus Crime reports are located on the FNU website and a paper copy is available in the student services office upon request.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Honors List — Honoring students who are studying English as a Second Language for academic excellence

FNU Alumni Association—Organization that supports and honors graduates of FNU.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) — ensuring that students understand their privacy rights in regards to their educational information.
FNU Annual Notification of Rights under FERPA

Campus Transportation—Student Services offers discounted bus passes, parking permits, maps and other information for students and visitors

Student Support Services – Students may need important social services that are not offered at Florida National University. Student Services has an active list of community resources that students may use to identify and meet their individual needs. Below are some links to some national and community action, human services organizations and county social service organizations:

Switchboard of Miami

Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services

Broward County social service organizations

Community psychological services:
Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center
The Scott Center for Autism Treatment
Broward Living. U.S. Health Resources and Services

ADA (American Disabilities Act) Resources:
Broward County Services for Persons with Disabilities
Agency for Persons with Disabilities
Government Services for People with Disabilities
Florida Division of Blind Services
Miami Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Teach More/Love More
Florida Association of the Deaf, Inc.
Programs for the Deaf in Broward County

Vocational Rehab:
Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Sexual Assault:
Not Alone

Launched in connection with the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, provides information for students, schools, and the public regarding prevention of and response to campus sexual assault, including the intersection of the Clery Act and Title IX.”(Campus, 2016)

Works Cited
Campus, C. C. (2016). Clery Act Compliance Resources. Retrieved 2016, from Clery Center for Security On Campus:

Clery Act Center
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Know Your TITLE IX

Hialeah Campus
Maria Hoffman B.S.
Student Services Director
(305) 821-3333 ext. 1040
Hialeah Campus
Maria Hoffman B.S.
Student Services Director
(305) 821-3333 ext. 1040
Training Center
Maria Hoffman B.S. 
Student Services Director
(305)821-3333 ext. 1004
Hialeah Campus
Vacant Position
Student Services Officer
(305) 821-3333 ext. 1040
Seylin Santos 
Student Services Assistant
(305) 821-3333 ext. 1040
South Campus
Yessenia Urena
Student Services Officer
(305) 226-9999 ext. 1372
Jessica Hernandez
Student Services Assistant
(305) 226-9999 ext. 1372
Online Learning Campus
Maria Hoffman B.S. 
Student Services Director
(305)821-3333 ext. 1040

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