IRS Continuing Education Courses


Registered Tax Return Preparer Courses

Federal Tax Law (10 hrs) 

Home office deduction( 3 hrs ): This course is designed to equip tax preparers with the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to identify and claim home office deductions within IRS rules.  The instructor will explain in detail how to correctly recognize home office expenses to avoid red flags and IRS audits.

IRS Levy Procedures (4 hrs): This course is designed to help tax preparers understand IRS Levy collection procedures. The instructor will explain in detail taxpayers’ rights and the process to appeal wage levies.

Itemized Deductions ( 3 hrs ): This course has been designed to give tax preparers a complete understanding of the different itemized deductions claimed in Schedule A. The instructor will also provide students with exercises and meaningful problems to better equip tax preparers in recognizing each possible deduction claimed on Schedule A.

          Ethics (2 hrs) 

Fraud & Tax Preparer Responsibility (2 hrs):  This course is designed to raise awareness about the responsibility that tax preparers have at the time to prepare a tax return. The instructor will explain the consequences and penalties that the tax preparers could face in case of preparing a tax return with disregard of IRS rules. 

Federal Tax Law Update (3 hrs) 

New law regarding EITC (3 hrs): Starting with 2011 tax year, tax preparers must complete a checklist and file Form 8867 for all taxpayers who claim the EITC. The instructor will explain the qualifications and requirements necessary to be met in order to claim the EITC.


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