English as a Second Language (ESL), CERTIFICATE

Basic Level
This program is designed primarily to help students acquire conversational ability and basic functional skills in English. The program provides training in all four language areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Before the student starts the program, an English Placement Test is given. FNU awards a certificate upon completion of the program. This program does not earn college credit.


Required Courses
Course No.
Course Name
Credit Hours
ESL 001
Basic Speaking, Reading, & Writing Skills I-II
ESL 002 Basic Speaking, Reading, & Writing Skills III-IV 4.5
ESL 003 English Structural Patterns I – II 4.5
ESL 004 English Structural Patterns III-IV 4.5
1. The ESL student is assigned into a program on the basis of a placement test. At the completion of an eight month program the student will be awarded a certificate of proficiency according to the level achieved, Basic, Intermediate, or High Intermediate.2. Students who score beyond the Fourth (4th) Level are placed in the Intermediate Level.

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