10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in Healthcare at FNU

10 Reasons You Should Pursue a Career in Healthcare at FNUWhen determining which university will be best, students must consider their career goals, their major, and the quality of education among other details. Students looking for the best school to study healthcare should consider one of the many programs offered at Florida National University (FNU). Here are the reasons that you should pursue a career in healthcare at FNU:

1. Location, Location, Location

Location is an important aspect for all candidates looking to further their education. Lucky for our students, FNU’s campuses are located among palm trees, canals, lakes, and the blue-hued waters of the Atlantic. Ready to dive into the new school year in the beautiful, sub-tropical destination of Miami and Hialeah, Florida? FNU’s location makes after-school activities worthwhile.

2. Online Courses

Students attending FNU are able to meet their goals without limitations. For those who live too far to commute, or for others that do not have the time or ability to enroll in traditional classes at one of our locations, there are still options: an exceptional number of our programs are available online. Not only do we offer Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees online, but we even provide career education diplomas and certificates! These programs enable students to learn in a virtual classroom, eliminating the need to spend time and money getting to class.

3. Flexibility

Our hybrid and online courses offer students extra flexibility within a busy schedule. FNU also offers night classes for students who are unable to attend morning and afternoon seminars and lectures.

In fact, Florida National University’s Master’s programs are designed with working professionals in mind; those that wish to advance in their field can do so without compromising their obligations. Classes are scheduled in eight-week terms, which allow the students to complete their chosen program at a faster pace.

4. Small Classes

We believe that good things come in small packages; that is why we take pride in our small classroom sizes. This enables our students to receive individual attention when needed. Never go unnoticed in a 200-person lecture auditorium again!

5. Quality of Education

FNU is a regionally accredited institution. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Associate, Baccalaureate, and Master degrees. This means that our students receive accredited degrees, even when they opt to attend online courses! We offer an outstanding education to those enrolled in our university; we believe this will help our students pursue their career goals.

6. An Abundance of Opportunity

Studying the healthcare field at FNU is a great option for students, as we provide students with several options; these options give students flexibility to make choices about their career path, as they are not confined to only a few degree options. In fact, we offer Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees that can lead to positions in the healthcare sector. The following options are the healthcare programs that we offer students:

When pursuing an Associates degree, students can enroll in the following programs:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Technology
  • Health Services Administration
  • Medical Assistant Technology
  • Medical Lab Technology
  • Nursing

As for a Bachelors degree, we offer the following programs to our students:

  • Nursing
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Health Services Administration

Regarding our Masters offering, students can choose to enroll in the Health Services Administration programs. Not to mention, we offer a number of certificates and career education diplomas. See a full list of the programs we offer here.

7. We are Expanding Our Offerings

Current students and alumni might not realize that we have recently expanded our healthcare programs to include a physical therapist assistant program, as well! FNU understands the demand for a broader offering of degrees in the medical field; consequently, we choose to grow along with that demand.

8. Many Degrees, Many Paths

Clearly, our aspiring students may choose from a number of career paths after graduating. Depending on the degree, students have the option to pursue a position at nursing homes, dental clinics, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, government health agencies, hospitals, group medical practices, emergency facilities, and more.

There is great flexibility when pursuing a position with one of our healthcare degrees. Not to mention, studying in our Health Services Administration Masters program opens the door to nearly all of these career locations.

9. Unique, Well-Rounded, Professional Insight from Qualified Professors

Whether opting to enroll in classes online or on campus, students at FNU are learning valuable information each day to put toward their degrees. Here is a sampling of the courses offered for our Health Services Administration Bachelors program:

  • ACG 2071—Managerial Accounting
  • HSA 3170—Financial Issues in Health Care
  • HSA 3553—Ethics in Health Care
  • HSA 3650—Ethics of Caring for the Elderly
  • MAN 4441—Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

It is clear to see that our students gain a well-rounded education, which prepares them for the regular, everyday tasks during their future careers, as well as the possible unforeseen issues and concerns that may arise in the field. Our students are well prepared, trained, and educated on subjects and matters that the field may introduce.

10. It Will Always Be Needed

Those trained for jobs in the healthcare field will always be in need; as long as there are humans, there will be health needs. Honestly, students pursuing careers in the healthcare field are pursuing careers that have a long history, and are expected to continue and progress as our technology does. Want to be part of the evolution of technology and medicine? Get started now!

Florida National University: Open Doors to the Future

FNU is committed to molding the minds of this generation and preparing them to excel in their chosen field. If you are interested in studying in a healthcare program offered at Florida National University, apply to one of our programs, today!