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The Office of Student Services is the division of the institution that serves as a mediator between the Student
Body and the University. This entity also coordinates the various activities offered to the students that contribute
to their cultural, social, moral, intellectual, and physical development.

Student Services offers a large variety of services for the student, ranging from campus engagement, clubs and organizations, campus security, to campus activities and events. This innovative office and its staff exist to serve
the student by creating and maintaining a sustainable environment for student learning and success. Some of
the things that student services provides are:


Florida National University Student Government AssociationFNU – Student Government Association

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Student Services Staff

Hialeah Campus

Student Services Officer John Ferrari - Hialeah Campus Officer John Ferrari

Student Services Assistant
Seilyn Santos

(305) 821-3333 ext. 1004

Student Services Assistant
Yarlenis Gonzalez - Student Services AssistantYarlenis Gonzalez

Student Services Assistant
Yadira Rodriguez - Student Services Assistant
Yadira Rodriguez

(305) 821-3333 ext. 1040

South Campus

Student Services Officer
Adriana Irias - Student Services OfficerAdriana Irias
Student Services Assistant
(305) 226-9999 ext. 1372

All Campuses

Student Services Director
Maria Hoffman - Student Services Director
Maria C. Hoffman B.S
(305) 821-3333 ext. 1004/1040
(305) 226-9999 ext. 1373

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