What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement?

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Graduation is the process in which all academic requirements are verified and the institution awards a degree, diploma, or certificate to an individual who has successfully met all of the graduation requirements.

Below you can find the “Diploma Request” form. This form is located in the
Registrar’s Office. Once you have this form you must pay the $15.00 fee in order to purchase and request the diploma. If you need your diploma to be rush ordered it would cost $30.00. Once paid, the form must be taken to the registrar’s office to be processed.

As noted in the Diploma Order Form, the request will take up to 6-8 weeks to be processed.
You will be notified when it is available for pickup.

Diploma Order Form

The following is a “To Do List”:

This is a guide to assist you in what to do in the Graduation Process. If you need any additional assistance, please contact a representative of

The Student Services Department and we will gladly help you!

To-Do List

Commencement is the ceremony in which the institution commemorates students who have been awarded their degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Participating in the Commencement Ceremony is optional but highly encouraged as we want you to celebrate this grand moment and achievement! To participate in the commencement ceremony you must have already successfully met all of the graduation requirements.

The following form is necessary for the Commencement Ceremony. The form below is the “Cap and Gown” form. This form is located in
The Office of Student Services.

Cap and Gown Form for Graduation

Cap & Gown Form

Once you have this form you must completely fill out the form and pay the
$160.00 graduation fee in order to be cleared to walk in the ceremony. We must receive the receipt as proof of payment!

This is a fee that must be paid prior to the ceremony day (or prior to the due date required by Student Services) and is


For further explanation on the Graduation fee, please contact the Office of Student Services or the Bursar’s Office.
We will gladly assist you and explain the fee, what it covers, when must it be paid, and confirm if you have already paid for it.

Our following commencement ceremony will be on
Saturday, March 25th, 2023. For more information and a calendar of the deadlines, please click the link and form that is below:

Cap & Gown Calendar

Cap & Gown Calendar


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