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Graduation VS. Commencement — For all the information on Graduation please click the link!
— Prior to the first day of class, Orientation is offered for all new students. Representatives of all FNU departments will be there to greet the new students and answer any questions. New students will also learn about policies and procedures from FNU representatives; receive their FNU ID’s, parking decals/information and help with activating you student email and student portal!

Orientation will be your first FNU activity as a student and it is Mandatory.

Click Here to read the Freshman Student Orientation Booklet

FNU Alumni Association—Organization that supports and honors graduates of FNU. It is FNU graduates opportunity to stay connected, build strong peer relationships, and network.

Educational Enrichment — Student services works closely with the student body to identify and create motivational and inspirational activities and/or presentations that will enrich the educational experience.

Campus and Community Leadership — It takes more to be a leader than a simple degree. Student Services offers hands on leadership training from the experts.

Bus Passes — Purchase through Student Services bus passes for Metro rail and Metro Dade Bus System at a discounted price. Students who do not own a vehicle and use public transportation should consider purchasing a monthly Metro Transit Bus Pass.

Student Clubs and Organizations — College is what you make it! Get out and get engaged in your community and school by joining a club or organization.

Student Applause Awards — Every term FNU students are encouraged to select and honor a professor that has positively impacted their lives.

FNU’s Social Media Network — Students can connect to FNU through the following social media networks:

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