2016-17 Women’s Volleyball Preview


2016-17 Season preview

Head Coach: 2nd Year Carlos Huaroto-Luque

Sport: Women’s Volleyball

Last Season record: 5-27

Key Returning Players:

  1. Brianne Ballow
  2. Cinergi Rosas

New Players:

  1. Adara Anselmo
  2. Silvia Galeano
  3. Thalia Torres
  4. Melissa Helphrey
  5. Bianca Baez

Coach’s Expectations for the year: We are really excited about this upcoming season! Our expectations are high and we are not afraid of those expectations. We have ambitious goals, we want to be able to compete for the USCAA National Championship every year and create something that could be very special. The question is how do we do this? We do it by creating an environment that is conducive to learning, demanding a remarkable work ethic, getting the players to buy in, treating our athletes well, creating trust and relationships. We understand all of this takes time and it’s a process but we are not afraid to throw out there that we want to win the USCAA National Championship. We want to put a quality team on the floor to represent our university and that our community wants to be a part of. I am genuinely happy with the progress our athletes have made during the off-season. Our athletes are working hard and believe each day we are getting closer to that goal.

Key Games: Keiser, Florida College, Florida Memorial, Ave Maria, Webber Int., Battlefield Classic KY


Volleyball huddle

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