Five FNU Students Placed in DigiTech Dental Restorations


Five of Florida National University’s graduates from its Dental Lab Technician program (Full & Partial Dentures and Crown, Bridge & Porcelain) were placed in DigiTech Dental Restorations (formerly Smith & Silver), a branch of Glidewell Laboratories, one of the best, if not the best chain of dental labs in the country.

Active Student Martinien Salon

Mr. Mauricio Restrepo together with Mr. Gabriel Oliveros collaborated with the FNU Job Placement office to place our students. Mr. Oliveros went to visit the lab owner and he is very proud these students he has hired and looks forward to going to Florida National University when he is in need of more employees.

FNU Dental Lab Technician Students in the Classroom with Instructor Mauricio Restrepo

The Dental Technician continues to be in demand. He is the highly skilled craftsman who designs and constructs the attachments and replacements for our natural teeth. Upon receiving his/her instructions from the dentist, the Dental Technician with skilled hands, carefully fashions plastic and metal into a precise product.

Instructor Gabriel Oliveros Teaches His Students the Art of the Trade