Jobs in Health Care You Never Knew Existed

Healthcare employees

When you consider getting a degree in the health care, the position of a receptionist, secretary, billing and coding specialist, transcriptionist or medical assistant might instantly come to mind. However, there are other jobs in the health care industry that are often over-looked.

The following is a list of five jobs in health care that most people never knew existed:

  1. Hospice Administrator

A Hospice Administrator is similar to a hospital and nursing home administrator. They must oversee the daily operations of the facility and manage the policies, procedures and budgets. The administrator is also responsible for ensuring high quality staff, human resources, customer service and overall quality of care for the patients.

Hospice is all about caring for terminally ill patients and catering to their emotional and spiritual needs. Whereas, hospitals specialize in admitting patients, treating them for a short period of time, then returning them back to their homes with prescriptions and referrals. It is also much different from a nursing home considering these facilities are a cross between a hospital and a long-term care facility with 24-hour medical assistance.

  1. Project Coordinator

The position of Project Coordinator is broad. It can be applied to any professional field, but in this case, the health care industry especially benefits from a project coordinator.

Medical treatments and cures go through months and even years of research. This is especially true for hospitals that are closely affiliated with medical universities. Someone must organize these projects and in such a complicated field as medicine, several project coordinators may be needed.

In the Public Health sector, a Project Coordinator will provide technical and administrative support for their program. Their management helps ensure the project will meet the overall goals. Additionally, a project coordinator takes on the responsibility of writing grants, budgeting, program design and development, and review and evaluation.

This position within the health service administration field can be found in hospitals, medical universities, nursing homes, private and public health care practices and hospice facilities.

  1. Community Health Specialist

A Community Health Specialist works with the community towards obtaining accessible, affordable and high-quality health care for those who might not otherwise receive it. Some of their duties include assisting state and local governments in developing health care policies to ensure that the underprivileged receive this care.

Other responsibilities entail planning community programs that require research, data collection and analysis. A Community Health Care Specialist also gains resources by collaborating with the community’s stakeholders, elected officials and neighborhood patrons. These types of jobs can be found at the county and city level, or organizations such asPlanned Parenthood, the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, and American Breast Cancer Foundation to name a few.

  1. Health and Wellness Educator

As more people are becoming aware of how crucial their health is, they’re interested in learning how to maintain good health. Corporate businesses are even realizing that healthy employees cost less and are implementing programs that educate their workers on how to live healthy lifestyles. This new trend is called corporate wellness. Most employers will hire a Health and Wellness Educator because they see the importance of healthy employees. The fewer employees taking medical leave, the better for the employee and employer’s payroll budget.


This is where the Health and Wellness Educator is needed. They provide resources to the employees and coach and encourage them to improve their eating and exercise habits. Additionally, incorporating exercise classes in the workplace have now become part of the health and wellness movement requiring more educators.

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