5 Reasons to Enroll in the Medical Assistant Technology Program at FNU

Medical assistants doing an experimentNarrowing down the list of options when it comes to choosing a career can be stressful. There are times when the drive to do well is outweighed by the amount of time students have available to them — and that is when making a smart choice becomes increasingly important.

The typical path into the medical field is one that requires ample supplies of both time and money, making it seem out of reach for the average student. Are you looking for a way to jump-start your career in the medical field, or to potentially earn the money you need, or even continue your education in higher-level courses? Now is the time to start the path that will take you where you need to be — there is not better time to invest in your future.

The Medical Technology Program offered by Florida National University (FNU) provides students with the tools to confidently face any challenge on the path to success in the medical field. Why choose the medical assistant technology program? These five reasons make the decision patently obvious:

  1. Increased Demand

While a great number of industries are still facing periods of instability and layoffs, the medical field is one that enjoys exponential growth year to year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS predicts a 29% increase in jobs into the year 2022 for medical assistants. The steadily aging population of baby boomers is a contributing factor, as they are in need of increased medical assistance. Hospitals and medicals practices will need to expand in order to keep up with the necessary level of preventative medical treatment for elderly. These doctors and physicians will, in turn, be required to hire more medical assistants in order to keep up with the demand. With more and more people needing the service of medical professionals, the demand for medical assistants has grown well above the average rate, making this career choice reliable.

  1. Career Stability

The value medical assistant technologists add to a workplace will allow them to benefit from added stability, especially when they display the skills and understanding learned during FNU’s program. The level of demand for the medical assistant position has lead to an increase in job stability. The skills that a medical assistant possesses are invaluable — it is unlikely for the need for those skills to decrease any time in the near future. Because the demand for this career is so high, the workplace is a more peaceful environment: competition amongst coworkers is very low, and medical assistants are never left having to beg for extra shifts. There are plenty to go around.

  1. A Schedule that Works for Students

Medical assistants enjoy the luxury of a flexible schedule. The average medical assistant works a full 40-hour week, and due to the need for around the clock patient care, this schedule spans nights and weekends. That means this is not the average 9-5 day job. Many facilities will work around individual needs to develop a schedule to accommodate them.

Many employers offer the opportunity for part-time work as a medical assistant. That level of flexibility opens up the option to continue working while having time to take care of daily activities — everything from personal matters to furthering one’s education. A flexible schedule might even allow students to go after some certifications, making an individual even more important to the workplace.

  1. Personally Fulfilling Work

While the daily duties of a medical assistant can differ depending on the workplace, there is little question as to the importance of the work that they do. The skills students put to use as a medical assistant bring relief to those in need. Without their skills and the assistance they provide, other medical professionals could easily become overwhelmed, lowering the quality of care. By providing comfort to those in pain, and by helping doctors give patients the proper care needed, medical assistant technologists experience a feeling of true accomplishment. The inherent value in the work of a medical assistant is in the help they bring to others — and that selfless effort can be some of the most rewarding.

  1. Can Lead to Greater Opportunities

Students who earn a medical assistant technology degree from FNU are put in an advantageous position with a multitude of fantastic opportunities ahead of them. One can continue to work as a highly valued medical assistant, earning great wages and the rewarding experience that comes along with working in the medical field. Remaining diligent can even lead one to advance to the higher paying position of an office manager.

There are plenty of other opportunities for those who are looking to further their education. If a medical assistant finds himself or herself having a preference for hands-on interaction with patients, the opportunity might arise through nursing. Having earned a medical assistant technology degree would be the starting point for students who want to find a place for themselves in the medical field.
FNU: Jumpstarting your Career in Healthcare!

Students, if you’ve ever had the dream to jump into the world of healthcare and become a professional in a field that is always growing, Florida National University will start you on your journey. Be part of profession that helps to save lives and preserves the health of those in need. If the role of a Medical Assistant appeals to you, apply now and let FNU guide you to start your career in healthcare.

If you’re looking for something different look through the list of programs offered and find out how FNU can help you jumpstart your career.
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