5 Reasons International Students Choose Florida National University

Based in the cosmopolitan destination of Miami, Florida National University (FNU) is an accredited institution of higher learning. FNU is a co-educational, multi-campus university offering traditional, campus-based programs, as well as distance education through online programs. FNU currently offers career education diplomas, certificate courses of study, Associates of Science degrees, Associates of Arts degrees, Bachelor of Science degrees, Bachelor of Arts degrees, and a Master of Arts.

The purpose of Florida National University is to contribute to the education of a population of diverse, presently predominantly Hispanic, cultures. The University realizes this mission through the employment and development of a faculty of scholars who are proficient in the art of teaching. The University strives to prepare the students for employment in their chosen career or advanced studies through the acquisition of the required skills and knowledge needed for the successful completion of the program of studies.

Florida National University strives to provide the educational facilities and resources that support intensive sessions of study in small classes, in order to foster in the student the attainment of a quality university education according to the student’s personal goals, and the advancement of modern technology.

Furthermore, Florida National University provides educational and cultural programs intended to enrich the community it serves.

Here are five reasons why international students choose Florida National University when beginning a higher education in the United States.

1. A Commitment to Small Classes and Personal Attention

Florida National University is committed to providing an ideal learning environment for students to reach their highest goals. Part of FNU’s stated mission is to provide the educational facilities and resources that support intensive sessions of study in small classes, in order to foster the attainment of a quality university education, according to the student’s personal goals, and the advancement of modern technology.

Furthermore, not content to just provide classes of theoretical knowledge, FNU provides practical, hands-on training wherever relevant, as well as educational and cultural programs that are intended to enrich the community it serves. Whether in its traditional, campus-based programs or its online-based distance education programs, FNU places a premium on personal contact between students and instructors, and personal attention is always a top priority.

2. Understanding the Needs of Foreign Students

FNU prides itself on being an institution of higher learning that understands the needs of students either from immigrant backgrounds within the US or students from abroad who have not used English at home or in school. FNU particularly welcomes non-native speakers of English into its student body and offers educational and cultural programs relevant to its diverse student body, and to the larger community.

For example, for those wishing to acquire competency in the English language in order to confidently live and work in the United States, FNU offers English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. These programs are designed to give the student, regardless of his or her age, a competent grasp of English that will allow him or her to feel comfortable interacting in English-speaking social and professional settings. FNU’s English as a Second Language programs are an excellent first step that can prepare students for, and be followed up with, more specialized training in a variety of fields.

3. FNU Programs Offer Efficient Certification that Leads to Jobs

FNU understands that many hardworking, capable people are not reaching their potential in today’s job market. However, we believe that with dedication and hard work, anyone can go from dead-end job to career success in a surprisingly short time. FNU offers numerous practical degrees that quickly, efficiently, and officially pave the way to a promising career with great salary and advancement potential. Getting a solid foundation of knowledge – in a remarkably broad range of fields – through the acquisition of a FNU degree will make you eligible for a host of well-paying jobs. FNU has set up a range of useful, streamlined programs that enable students to gain an excellent level of professional knowledge in a minimum amount of time.

4. Choose Between Online Programs and Campus-Based Instruction

In addition to its wealth of options in traditional, campus-based instruction, FNU also recognizes the importance of offering flexibility through online programs. As such, FNU offers online programs for Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees.

At the Associates level, FNU offers degrees in Accounting (AA or AS), Business Administration (AA or AS), Criminal Justice, Education, Health Services Administration, Public Administration, Paralegal Studies. At the Bachelors level, FNU offers online programs in Legal Studies, Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Health Services Administration, and Nursing. At the Masters level, FNU offers a Master of Business Administration. The University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Associates, Baccalaureate (Bachelors), and Masters Degrees.

5. Ongoing Commitment to Student Success

FNU knows that a college education is not complete just through getting good grades. That’s why the university consistently offers a number of significant resources to students to help them develop as individuals and professionals. These include job interview tips, networking help, job fairs, employability skills workshops, and personalized career advice. From the beginning of the application and admissions process, to the day you walk across the stage in a cap and gown ceremony, FNU is here to serve you.

College Education – An Investment in Your Future

As an international student, you may be considering establishing your professional future in the United States, or you may be wishing to take an accredited and recognized qualification back to the job market in your home country. Either way, Florida National University is committed to making international students feel welcome and at home as they advance their education and professional prospects. Investing in higher education from a recognized university in the United States is a significant investment into your career potential, your professional fulfillment, and your future earnings. And there is no better moment than now to make that investment. Contact FNU’s admissions advisors today to find out more about all the options available to you!