6 Reasons Why You Should Study Public Administration Online

United States capitol buildingThere comes a time in many students’ lives when the allure of taking online classes becomes too appealing to ignore. Of course, there are a plethora of benefits in showing up to a normal classroom and interacting directly with a professor in person—and this is not an attempt to belittle that setting. After all, this setting has worked well for the majority of students over the years. While the traditional classroom is still the common practice in schools across the globe, the increasing popularity of the internet has given rise to a new digital classroom with advantages that work well for those students who have found the traditional model less appealing.

Enrolling in an online (or on campus) public administration program offers students the best of both worlds, as public administration is the cornerstone of the public service field. Professionals spend their days working to make sure that their organizations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. There are many sub-fields with their own duties, and often, public administrators are required to be flexible as they move from position to position.

Florida National University (FNU) provides students with a critical flexibility and a superior skillset to handle situations that arise in the professional world, while still managing to provide students with an intimate, small classroom feel—even online. Here are six reasons why taking your public administration courses online is the right choice:

  1. Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an entire generation of public administrators is preparing for retirement, and they will be leaving behind a large gap in the work force. Students striving to fill positions of leadership will find that demand for careers in public administration is growing steadily and is projected to continue into 2022.

The salary earned by public administrators is between $40,481 and $123,536 for those with a bachelor’s degree and between $46,672 and $179,125 for those who have obtained a master’s. There are many other perks to this employment, such as incredible health benefits, that make studying public administration an appealing choice to pursue a stable and rewarding career. This is great news for those students looking to quickly start their education in public administration online.

  1. Many Opportunities for Growth

With a degree in public administration, amazing opportunities present themselves for those with the drive and perseverance to seek them out. Public administrators often turn their eyes to key government positions such as town manager, city planner, and program analyst—positions that allow them to make full use of the leadership skills they develop over the course of the program: conducting deep comprehensive research, creating a network of influential contacts, coordinating teams and overseeing the development of policies that have a lasting effect on the community. Success in one of these positions may even lead an individual to run for mayor or another key position of political influence.

However, government jobs are not the only option for program graduates; there are great opportunities to be found all the way from non-profit organizations to the entertainment industry. There are options across several industries in which a degree in public administration can make a major difference—a different that is eagerly welcomed.

  1. Make a Difference

The role of a public administrator, at any level of government, is one that offers the ability to enact real change in policies and in the programs developed to serve the public. While the job has its share of challenges, the decisions made by a public administrator have the power to affect the lives of many individuals, simultaneously. There will be times when these issues take years to resolve, but when they do, the sense of personal accomplishment will be remarkable.

  1. Flexibility

Online learning is a fairly new concept to some, but the truth of the matter is that many students today find the option to take classes online refreshing. Some students are more comfortable in the atmosphere of a traditional classroom, with an active and engaging professor. However, others prefer the intimate offered by taking an online course. Students who are self-motivated and can push themselves to do the coursework while keeping up with assignments will find the freedom and flexibility of online learning a great addition to their lifestyle.

Not only does an online course grant students the ability to tackle assignments when they want, but also where they want. Students are able to focus on work from the comfort of their own home or down the street at their favorite coffee shop. It’s easy to see why the idea of taking courses online has become more and more popular.

  1. Lower cost

Often, the cost of learning online can be markedly lower, due in part by the fact that materials might be digital, provided for students to download. Supplies and other major expenses, such as books (especially if the latest editions are required) can be costly if students are not able to find used copies for sale—therefore, learning online might be a more cost effective solution. That is not to say that online courses never require textbooks, but only to highlight that professors often opt for downloadable materials.

Keep in mind that certain costs can be eliminated altogether if one decides to attend online classes from the comfort of home. Costs such as room and board, campus meal plans, and commuting expenses are no longer a concern for the online student.

About FNU’s Program

The program is intended to expose students pursuing a higher-level degree in public administration to the laws and regulations that directly and indirectly impact the financing of public programs, the intricacies of government relations, and political leadership. It prepares students by giving them the skills they need to enter clerical and support positions in the field of Public Administration. Students will develop vital communication, organizational and decision-making skills that will serve as the foundation for positions that require leadership and the managing of groups and individuals.

The curriculum offers essential introductory courses in public administration business management, as well as a thirty-nine credit-hour component of general education/liberal arts courses required for an Associate of Arts degree. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded an Associate of Arts Degree in Public Administration from FNU.

FNU: Providing Education Both Online and Off!

Are you still on the fence regarding whether to pursue your dream of public administration online or in the traditional classroom system? No matter what your choice may be, FNU has you covered with a curriculum that provides the knowledge to secure a bright future. Public administration is only one of many programs offered by FNU; look over the full list of programs and apply today!

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