6 Tips for Applying to a RN to MSN Program

If you are a registered nurse looking for a promotion in the healthcare field, then you may very well be eligible for the RN to MSN degree program offered at Florida National University (FNU).

The RN to MSN degree is designed to teach registered nurses how to build upon their experience as a professional. This is done by guiding them on an academic track of mastering the role of a nurse educator, practitioner, or in leadership and management. As a registered nurse, an RN to MSN program is the perfect opportunity to improve your career. Before you select your degree program, here are 6 tips to help you on your way to becoming a skilled and talented nurse with a master’s degree:

  1. Make a checklist

Before you embark on your journey to find the perfect RN to MSN degree program, start a checklist so that you can keep track of the process. Applying to the RN to MSN degree programs can get complicated pretty quick. There are many forms and applications that you must complete for just one university. Keeping a checklist will help keep you organized and help you navigate through the application process much more efficiently.

  1. Start the application process as soon as possible.

When it comes to applying to any graduate degree program, students usually don’t really realize how much of a process it is until they’re actually applying—which is typically why it becomes an overwhelming process! This is why the checklist is recommended so that you can tick off the things that are required to apply to the RN to MSN program such as references, transcript, and a copy of your RN license.

  1. Apply to a university that interests you.

This is important. Finding the right RN to MSN degree program has a lot to do with finding the right university. These days, you can find the perfect degree program online, but FNU encourages you to take a closer look at the university behind the RN to MSN program. With FNU, we have no doubt that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the type of quality education you can get through our regionally accredited university.

Located in South Florida with two campuses in Miami and Hialeah, FNU proudly stands in an area where you can experience and enjoy a rich and diverse culture that will only enhance your social skills, making you a better job candidate in the healthcare industry.

A Little More About FNU

FNU’s sunny campus locations is just a 30-minute drive from the sandy shorelines of South Beach, a great get-a-away when it’s time to take a break from all of the academic studies. We’re also a 4-hour drive from major theme parks and the tropical Key West. Catch a Miami Heat basketball game, Marlin’s baseball game, or cheer NFL’s Miami Dolphins into a needed win during down time, or just take in the culture of our Art District.

FNU Also Has an Athletic Department!

Aside from being fairly close to many recreational activities, FNU has a recreational department of its own! Our athletic department is supported by the United States Collegiate Athletic Association. Learn more about FNU’s athletic department here.

  1. Look for a university with online options.

If you are already working as a registered nurse, you may not have much time to indulge in recreational activities. The likelihood of working while earning a master’s degree is a reality for many FNU students. That’s why FNU offers students the option to earn their RN to MSN degree online.

Through online courses, working nurses have the flexibility to schedule their academic courses around a time that is convenient for them. They’ll have the option to take their class anywhere their laptop can go. This eliminates the need to organize their work schedule around our structured classroom sessions. This also reduces commuting time along with any possible tolls or parking fees.

FNU’s online courses are structured and taught by the same faculty and administrators at the campus, so you’ll always be connected to our university whether you’re taking classes online or sitting right in our classroom.

  1. Don’t rush through your personal statement.

Your personal statement is oftentimes the deciding factor on whether or not you’re selected for a graduate program. While extremely important, applications, scores, and letter grades are essentially just data—critical data that heavily weighs in on the decision-making process, but data nonetheless. Your personal statement gives you an opportunity to let your personality shine through and share a more detailed explanation of why you think you would be a great fit for the FNU RN to MSN degree program. Take your time and be honest. You’ll be surprised at how far that can get you!

  1. Gather your references

For some, finding the right people to write references is just a social media click away. However, many universities set it up so that references are sent directly to them without you having to read it. For some people, that might be a bit of an extra step they don’t care to take. You just never know. It’s just best to give yourself enough time to ask people if they care to write a reference for you. You’ll have to wait for their response time and if they say yes, then all you have to do is give them the due date and then you’re at their mercy, hoping that they’ll make good on their promise. If not, it’s best to have a few more people standing by who are willing to do it.

Florida National University is dedicated to helping our students excel in their academic and professional area of interest. As a Registered Nurse, you have the opportunity to earn your master’s degree at an accelerated rate through our university. Contact an FNU advisor to help you to enroll in our RN to MSN program today.