7 Rewarding South Florida Careers You Can Land with a BS in Criminal Justice

When narrowing down your program of study, it’s important to think about what careers would be in store for you after graduation.

If you are studying criminal justice, but aren’t sure where this degree can take you, Florida National University (FNU) has created this list just for you. The following are some of the most rewarding careers that you can land with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice from FNU:

  1. Military

A lot of students don’t realize this, but enrolling in a criminal justice program can be a step in the right direction to join any branch of the military. With keen insight on the minds of a criminal and the understanding of the laws by which they are punished, criminal justice majors can play a pivotal role as military personnel.

  1. Police Force

After acquiring the in-depth knowledge of a criminal justice degree, entering a police school is a great path for students to take.

Keep in mind that obtaining a degree in criminal justice is not a requirement to become a police officer. However, this decision can help candidates stand apart from other applicants. Those who study in this program will gain in-depth information regarding laws, justice, and how criminals are obtained and disciplined.

With a firm grasp on this information and training prior to entering police school, students already have a big advantage over others. That’s why obtaining a degree in criminal justice is highly recommended for anyone wishing to enter the police force—and that makes the career an excellent choice after graduation.

  1. Security Officer

Similar to the role of a police officer, a security officer is in charge of keeping the peace in public locations. Whether at schools, malls, the courtroom, or anywhere else, those trained in criminal justice have a deep understanding of the criminal mind and an educated understanding of the proper practices for protecting others.

While this job is not as intense as the role of a police officer—and requires less training—security officers seldom place their lives on the line like the prior career options. Therefore, this is a great choice for many people who do not want to work under that risk.

  1. Probation Officer

Probation officers are required to track criminals who have been placed on probation.

Less in the action of the crime and infrequently in the face of danger, these officers monitor individuals who have been released from prison. They closely monitor the parolees to ensure that these individuals abide by the terms of their probation.

Parole officers also help parolees adjust to their new lives with specialized techniques.

This delivers the chance for the officer to make an impact on the life of the parolee, making it incredibly rewarding for that individual. Criminal justice programs offer students an understanding of the processes in the American justice system, which helps them properly prepare for this type of role.

  1. Investigator or Inspector

Armed with knowledge surrounding the ways criminals think and the motivations behind a crime and the most common types of crimes, paired with an understanding of the American justice system, studying criminal justice is a great way to get started on an investigative career.

Whether a private investigator, postal inspector or something related, those with an education in criminal justice have the foundation to be successful in this field. Individuals will investigate and work to solve crimes including but not limited to theft, vandalism, fraud, and identity theft.

  1. DEA

South Florida’s division of the DEA is always looking for promising candidates to fill the roles in their force.

Each region has its own threats related to drug usage, so studying and living in South Florida will prepare students to enter the Miami DEA branch.

  1. Law School Student

A Criminal justice degree may help set future law students up for successful continued education in the legal sector. From this path, another collection of careers can spring forth—including courtroom careers

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