7 Student Jobs to Build Business Experience

7 Student Jobs to Build Business ExperienceWhether one is studying for a Master’s in Business Administration, or one simply hopes to be hired by another person’s company at some point, it is highly important to gain valuable, hands-on business experience and skills. Students, there is no better time to prepare for the future than now! Want to know the best jobs to prepare for a future in the business industry? Follow Florida National University’s tips! Here are the best student jobs to build business experience:


1. Retail & Restaurant Cashier

Register experience is a great way to gain practice with customer service, and with counting money. After working in this environment for a long time, students working in retail or in a restaurant will gain more responsibilities, such as counting the drawer or depositing money into a restaurant’s commercial bank account. Even the school’s bookstore is a great start!

2. Retail Sales

Working off commission gets students in the mindset to sell, which is a highly needed attribute in the business world. By working in sales and earning a commission, students will have the ability to further understand why closing a sale is so important — not only does it directly affect the business, but it will also directly affect their personal wallets, motivating them to sell more, which increases profitability. The longer that one works in this setting, the greater chance one has to move up in the company. After a few years of dedication and commitment, often retail salespersons are offered a management position.

3. Management

After a good amount of experience in a company, employees are often offered the opportunity to manage. This is a great way to gain experience, as managers are in charge of several aspects, ensuring that a business runs smoothly. Useful skills that managers learn and use on a daily basis include task delegation, handling finances, completing, ordering, and accepting shipments and orders, hiring, conducting interviews, and more. A management position is one of the best ways to prepare for entering the business world in the future.

4. Receptionist

A receptionist position is a great way to learn the basics of working in an office. Receptionists manage the office, keep track of every employee’s files, mail out and receive mail and packages, and help to keep the office organized, overall. In a sense, they are each employee’s first go-to person when something is needed. Gaining experience in this role is a step in the right direction for future project managers.

5. A Personal Startup

Selling art, baked goods, or other handmade products in an online store (such as Etsy) is a fun and personal way to gain business experience. These individuals gain practice and experience running a business, without working under anyone else. That means that it’s a great time to hash out business model ideas, unique value propositions, and marketing ideas. Skills earned during this practice are: business management, customer service, entrepreneurship experience, planning, scheduling, and many more.

6. Freelancing

No matter what a student’s craft is, they have the potential to gain business experience by freelancing their services and skills. Freelancing offers some of the best hands-on industry experience, as students will be communicating with clients while learning more about what does and does not work for their target market via client feedback. These skills can be saved for the day when these students enter careers with a company.

7. An Internship

An internship is almost better than freelancing when it comes to gaining hands on experience and sharpening business skills. Students in an internship are able to practice real life skills with the help of direction and development from a professional in the industry of one’s projected career path. Students who plan to work in someone’s business someday will be well prepared after gaining experience in an internship. For example, an internship at a company that offers internet marketing services will prepare a student for a fast-paced work environment and get them up to speed with all the latest trends in the world of e-commerce and online lead generation.

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