8 Reasons Why Your South Florida University Choice Matters

Woman sitting on beach looking at oceanThe place where you decide to obtain your education can be a life-changing decision. From the friends you meet there to the professors you learn from, your choice of university can determine your future. Does your South Florida university choice matter? The answer is yes! Find out what you should be looking for in your university:

  1. A Large Selection of Programs

When a university offers a wide variety of subjects to take in, it allows students more time to experiment, discover, and eventually prosper. Many students enter the university without a plan of what to study—and there is nothing wrong with that. It is only through enrolling in classes and discovering new and exciting things that they can begin to narrow down their interests enough to begin to pursue a program of study.

Offering a wider variety of programs enables students to change majors more easily without the need to transfer. It also delivers more options for students hoping to complete a double major or a minor during their time learning. Finally, it enables students to delve into more subjects with their elective courses.

  1. Verified Accreditation

There is never a reason to attend a university that does not have the proper accreditation credentials. Students must take care to avoid wasting their time applying to—and enrolling in—programs that are not accredited. This is in the student’s best interest. Often, employers require prospective employees to have graduated from a university with a particular degree—and more specifically, a degree from an accredited program.

  1. Online Classes Available

A university does not have to have online classes available for students to take—but it is a huge benefit to the students if it does. Florida National University (FNU) has a large selection of programs that are available to be taken 100% online. Not to mention, FNU has also partnered with Ed4Online education systems to offer an even wider variety of online programs in programs that FNU would not have otherwise offered.

  1. Flexible Class Schedules

Students do not have to neglect their ongoing responsibilities so that they can learn! Flexible scheduling enables students to learn when they can and how they can—on their time. Flexible scheduling means that a school offers a number of choices for students to select from when deciding on their schedules. For example, night, weekend and summer classes are options that allow students to dive in at any time.

  1. A Rolling Application Deadline

Accordingly, just as flexible class schedules work to benefit the students, a rolling application deadline works in the same regard. In fact, a rolling application deadline is a promise to the FNU student body that it is never too early or too late to begin their education. In truth, it is never the wrong time to be interested in starting school. Why wait for the semester to end at another institution when FNU is always ready for students to begin their educational career?

  1. Location Matters

Not only does FNU offer online education, but also more than one physical location in which students can learn. This enables students to determine which campus location works best for them—and if a program is only offered at one location, it helps students better determine where they should move.

  1. Community Involvement

Many students want to attend a university that is involved in the community. This allows students to give back while also conveying to them the value of volunteering. FNU has chosen to get involved with the community in many ways. Between offering supervised ultrasounds to the community at no cost to hosting a missing children’s prevention rally, FNU is always looking for new ways to get involved and promote good in the South Florida area.

  1. The Services the University Provides

How many universities provide job placement services to students—even after they have graduated? FNU is dedicated to student success, which is why FNU students receive job placement services for life! Any student or alum that attended FNU is qualified to contact the Job Placement Center to discover the opportunities waiting for them.

FNU: Dedicated to Student Success and Experience

FNU remains dedicated to promoting the success of every individual pursuing an education with the University. If you’re ready to learn in this rewarding atmosphere and to become part of the FNU family, apply today!