9 Ways to Prepare for College Over the Summer

Glasses on top of open bookWhether you are a first time learner or a returning student, there are innumerable ways to prepare for college during the summer. While there are many activities to partake in over the summer months, as a college student, there should always be some proactive planning going toward your academic studies—even on the “off” months. Don’t waste your all of your valuable free time this summer without a plan for the upcoming school year. Follow these tips to prepare:

Get Organized

Too many students use the time during summer for fun and adventure alone. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the summer, but a portion of it should be used to get ready for the upcoming semester. Especially once August hits, it’s going to be critical to spend your time wisely. The first step is organization.

Students should invest in a planner or a planning app that helps one stay organized. This will be helpful in deciding when things should be completed by—and it will be critical during the school year.

Study and Read

Education is not something that should be neglected over the entire summer—especially with more demanding majors such as nursing and business. Students should continue to stay educated throughout the summer on aspects that affect their field of study.

Plus, keeping your brain active and learning is a good way to ensure that you can easily transition back into the school year.

Keep Up with News and Current Events

Likewise, it’s important to understand what is going on throughout the nation and across the globe, even over the summer. This element can help students stay up to date and can influence their ability to participate in class discussions, write research papers, and even stand up for what they believe in and agree with. It’s important to remain informed about the politics and news that affect an individual as well as people around the world.

Buy Textbooks

It’s never a good idea to wait to buy textbooks. The moment you enroll in a course and receive the list of required textbooks, it’s time to purchase them. Waiting too long to buy books is a good way to ensure the best or most affordable options are gone.

Students who purchase books earlier have a wider variety of books to choose from. From used textbooks to rentals, the early bird gets a better deal!

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

Reputation means a lot—and first impressions matter. Universities and future employers have their own reputation to uphold, and they do not anticipate (or want) students’ social media accounts tarnishing that reputation. Take down or completely avoid posting any unfavorable photos on any of your social media accounts for starters!

Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking social media service. Getting a profile here is one of the best ways for students to prepare for their professional careers.

When it comes to the world of professional social networking, no students or future professionals should leave LinkedIn aside. Many employers use this website to have a quick and easily digestible idea of what a person’s professional life looks like and what qualities one can bring to the table. It is a visual and social résumé in which an individual can recommend others, verifying that they meet a certain criteria with specific skills.

Be Sure to Register for Classes

Summer is a great time to meet with an advisor to determine your plan for the school year and upcoming years.

Registering for classes during the summer is a good way to follow the plan you might have in mind. You’ll also have a better chance of getting into the classes you want before they’re all filled. Don’t waste time—get the enrollment process started as soon as possible!

Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid

Now is the time to begin the search for scholarships. Students should have already applied for government financial aid assistance via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), but if they have not, it’s time to do that as well. Your college or university should also have a financial aid department to help assist you with this process.

Connect with Other Students

During summer, it’s a good time to connect with other students who you might share classes with. Some students see if there is a local meet up for individuals in the same program. During summer, it’s likely that meet ups will have frequent meetings, as schedules are more flexible.

Get involved with those students and alumni to see if they have any particular advice regarding the program.

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Helping You Through Your College Career

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