Student-Athlete Finds Success Both On and Off the Court

The balancing act that occurs within the life of a student-athlete is one that takes great patient and mental fortitude. For Annette Dominguez, the adversities have been handled with the same grace of a perfectly executed volleyball spike. We caught up with Annette so she could tell us about her experience at FNU, her life as a student-athlete and her new job as a Legal Assistant.

When did you begin at FNU?
I began going to FNU on August 31, 2015, I was an incoming first year straight out of high school. I received a full academic scholarship.

What made you choose Legal Studies?
The real journey of beginning a passion for Law started in elementary school. I took a field trip to the courthouse in Hialeah and right away I fell in love with the environment. Seeing firsthand the passion that the attorney’s and the judges had made me want to be a part of that. I wanted to be a part of something extraordinary someday and I knew instantly that this career path would lead me there.

How did you balance being a student-athlete?
Being a student/athlete is never easy for anyone. Being a student requires focus and lots of studying whereas being an athlete requires 100% passion and commitment. On my first year at FNU I had to find a way to balance both and find a way where I can play volleyball and maintain a high G.P.A. I achieved that goal by giving myself a schedule. If I had practice at night, then I would study in the morning and vice versa. If I saw that I had an exam and a match on the same day, then I would contact my professor and come into an agreement to take the test a day or two before the game. This has helped me maintain a 4.0 G.P.A for 3 years.

Tell us about your experience at FNU thus far
I am still a student at FNU I am currently starting my 4th year and I would graduate in 2019 with my Bachelors. All I can say is that these past few years have been quite a journey and I have made lots of great memories along the way.

How has your time at FNU prepared you to work in-field?
In my opinion, no-one can be prepared for the work field. No matter haw much I thought I knew about the law field, it was extremely different when it was my turn to begin working. My professors can only teach me so much from their experiences but nothing is the same until you experience it for yourself.

Favorite professors, coaches or staff members?
I would like to give a special shoutout to 4 amazing and special women (that work in FNU) that have helped me achieve my goals each in their special kind of way. First off is Caridad Sanchez and Barbara Rodriguez, they are literally two angels sent from Heaven. From the first day of school, they saw how nervous I was and of course they didn’t know who I was but they took me in like a daughter and I am way beyond thankful for their support throughout this journey. When I told them about my internship, they both had the biggest smiles on their faces. Next, is the one and only Elizabeth Barcena. She saw something special in me even when I didn’t see it within myself and she pushed me way beyond my limits and some more. She told me once that I was going to be one of the students to make her proud and little by little I know that I am because of her help. Finally, Yami Lopez, she is one that has always supported me from day one with all of my decisions. She wasn’t my professor or my academic advisor but she did push me to go to that internship also and I am beyond thankful for her.

Congratulations on the new job! How’s that going so far?
My new job began as an internship actually. It took me about a month and a half to find this internship/job. I searched through every law firm in Hialeah first (literally) and with no luck, I expanded my search to Miami Lakes. I prayed to God to guide me to find the perfect law firm where I can learn and grow. I finally found the perfect law firm called The Law Offices of C. Carolina Maluje and 2 months later, I was hired as a legal assistant. I am challenged to be the best I can be everyday and I see problems that others face as well. It is an immigration law firm. I have learned many new things with the help of my amazing co-workers and I feel blessed that I found a beautiful team that I can call family.

Annette Dominguez and her family Annette Dominguez and her family