The Benefits of an Accounting Degree

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With the recent recession and the tenuous nature of job opportunities, most prospective students are greatly concerned about the employment prospects post graduation.  More and more, students are tailoring their education toward professions that have stability, a wide reach, and projected growth.

Accounting – A Stable Career

Scores of lists, including those presented by Forbes and US News, list accounting and auditing among the most stable and secure jobs, even during times of decline or recession.  Forbes notes that the constantly changing government regulation, as well as more intense evaluation of big corporations, ensures the lasting strength of this field.


Almost every company has personnel who manage finances – it can be a bookkeeper, accountant, controller, officer manager, or even a CFO.  Also, every company and individual needs to complete taxes on a yearly, and sometimes quarterly basis.  The need for accountants is great in both private and public sectors.  Columnist for US News, Liz Wolegmuth, notes that there are ample job opportunities for accountants within the government sector, which offers stability and upward mobility.

Types of Accountants

There are four main job sectors for accountants: public accountants, management accountants, government accountants, and internal auditors.  While each has specialized job descriptions, most accountants’ duties include ensuring financials comply with laws and regulations, preparing taxes, auditing the accounting systems and procedures, organizing and maintaining financial records, and offering suggestions to reduce costs and improve profit.

Growth and Security

The Occupational Handbook, distributed by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, places the median salary for accountants and auditors at $61,690.  In 2010, there were more than 1.2 million accounting jobs in the U.S with a projected growth of 16% by 2012.  Accountants work full time, with one in five working more than 40 hours a week.   Due to tax cycles, accountants experience heavier work schedules during specific times of the year.


A survey conducted by staffing company Randstad found that accountants are among those who are the least likely to worry about job security, layoffs, pay cuts, or even reduction in benefits.  With our economy facing enormous insecurity, the results of this survey are powerful and very telling of the stability within the accounting profession. The Randstad survey found that 67% of accountants and finance workers somewhat or strongly agreed that they felt secure in their employment, and 78% believed their companies have promising futures.   The same survey found that most accountants and finance workers would not be willing to continue working for their company if there was a drop in pay, loss of bonus, reduction of vacation time, reduced benefits, or a need to relocate.  Unwillingness to accept setbacks shows confidence in the strength of the profession and their ability to find another job.

Florida National University

Florida National University (FNU), a prestigious brick and mortar and online university, offers both Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in the field of accounting.  Available as an entirely online program, or through a traditional setting, FNU’s comprehensive and rigorous accounting program will thoroughly prepare one for the demands of the accounting profession.  The online program offers flexibility of both location and time – allowing you to earn your degree from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule.  Join our successful alumni and take control of your future with an accounting degree from Florida National University.


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