The Benefits of an Accounting Degree

Are you thinking about pursuing an accounting career? Maybe you’re going back and forth because you’re not sure whether it will be a good fit or not. That’s okay. We’re here to explain why accounting is a good career choice.


Accounting is Flexible, Growing and Stable

Almost every company or organization needs someone to help with budgets, payroll, finances, accounts payable and accounts receivable. You can have the opportunity to switch industries without ever having to switch careers – not many career paths offer this flexibility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow 6% from 2018 to 2028. In general, the employment growth of accountants and auditors is expected to be closely tied to the health of the overall economy – as it grows, more accountants and auditors will be needed to examine financial records. This means that compared to other career choices, you’ll have greater income stability.


The Benefits of an Accounting Degree. Contact us today for more information.


Types of Accountants

There are four main job sectors for accountants: public accountants, management accountants, government accountants and internal auditors. While each has specialized job descriptions, most accountants’ duties include ensuring financials comply with laws and regulations, preparing taxes, auditing the accounting systems and procedures, organizing and maintaining financial records, and offering suggestions to reduce costs and improve profit.

Growth and Security

Depending on the job title, location and years of experience, an accountant can make well over $100k per year. Starting out as a brand-new accountant, you probably will have an entry-level salary, but there can be bright future ahead of you as your experience grows. Keep those certifications up to date and keep your eye on the prize. Another way to advance is to specialize in a specific area like forensic accounting, accounting management, personal finance planning, tax accounting, sports accounting, and environmental accounting. These career paths are available to you after completing an associate or bachelor degree in accounting.


Florida National University’s Accounting Programs

Florida National University (FNU), offers both Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in the field of accounting. FNU’s comprehensive and rigorous accounting programs will thoroughly prepare you for the demands of an accounting profession. The online program offers flexibility of both location and time – allowing you to earn your degree from anywhere in the world and on your own schedule. The traditional and hybrid programs provide a learning environment for those who prefer learning in person with a virtual component. Join our successful alumni and take control of your future with an accounting degree from Florida National University. If you are interested in more information regarding Florida National University’s accounting program, call us today at 305-821-3333.