Benefits of Attending a College with a High School Dual-Enrollment Program in Miami

Two young students sitting on stairs sharing the same laptop computer It’s never too late to get an early start on your college education. While some students might think that enrolling in the Summer semester as soon as they graduate high school is early, there is also another opportunity to start sooner than that—while you’re still in high school!

Florida National University (FNU) has arranged it so that you can get college experience as a high school student from an accredited university.

The Dual Enrollment Program for High School Students

FNU’s Dual Enrollment program is specifically designed to provide gifted high school students the opportunity to further their academic skills by applying to a university that will help accelerate their collegiate studies before even becoming a freshman. This is an exceptional opportunity for high school students in the South Florida area who are interested in pursuing a college degree after high school.

Many high school students might find college intimidating. More often than not, this can sometimes be the thing that keeps some people from pursuing a college degree. Thankfully, FNU offers online degree programs for people who prefer to avoid the college classroom experience, but if you’re looking to get an early start on your education, the best way to do it is consult your high school advisor about enrolling into FNU’s Dual Enrollment program.

How This Program Benefits You as a High School Student

One of the benefits of enrolling in FNU’s Dual Enrollment program is that you’ll be able to apply your credits toward your high school transcript as well as your college transcript. What that means is that depending on your transcript, not only will you have a chance of possibly finishing high school a little early, you’ll also be ahead of your fellow freshmen with a few extra credits on your college transcript.

This advantage will serve to be most beneficial when nearing the end of your degree program requirements. You’ll have the advantage of graduating earlier than most of your college classmates provided that you stay enrolled and not taking any summers off. However, that decision is totally up to you. You might spin it like this: You can actually afford to take a summer off because of the credits you earned while still in high school.

Get a Head Start Experiencing Life as a College Student

The bottom line is that the FNU Dual Enrollment program will give you first-hand experience of being a college student. You’ll get a feel for the environment, the coursework, and what’s expected of you as an FNU student.

Experiencing what campus life is like can alleviate any anxiety you might have about transitioning from high school to college life. Dual Enrollment students will have all privileges as any other FNU student with the exception of trying out for any college sports.

What Else Can You Get Out of This Program?

Another huge advantage of the Dual Enrollment program is that the tuition cost is almost cut in half. So, if you’re remotely interested in taking any college courses, or working toward a degree, certificate or diploma program, we highly recommend that you take advantage of FNU’s Dual Enrollment program because you’ll be able to save money. And as a college student, you’ll soon find out that every little cent counts, especially if you plan to take out student loans. Read “Think You Can’t Afford College? 6 Steps for an Affordable Education in Miami” here.

How Much and How Many Credits You Can Earn and What You Need

The cost per credit for the Dual Enrollment program is $225.00. You’re allowed to take two courses every year. So, if you enroll in this program starting your junior year, you have the opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits before you begin your freshman year in college. You have to maintain a 3.0 grade point average and must consult your high school advisor, and be approved to meet with FNU’s campus dean.

Additionally, you’ll need a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or teacher and provide a written letter of consent to pursue this endeavor from your parent or guardian.

A non-refundable admission application fee of $50.00 is required.

Other Important Things to Know

It’s important to note that the Dual Enrollment students will have the liberty to choose any class they’d like, but it needs to be approved by the campus’ academic advisor first. We want to make sure that the type of class your wanting to take won’t require any prerequisites and is not too advanced, less you end up failing the course, wasting your time and money.

FNU’s goal is to guide our Dual Enrollment students into an academic setting that is comfortable, yet interesting and exciting for them. We want to pique your interests while giving you a quality education. There’s really no better way to prepare for college life than enrolling in FNU’s Dual Enrollment program.

Take This Course with No Obligations

And just because you’re earning a college credit from FNU doesn’t obligate you to enroll in our university as a full-time college student. FNU’s credit courses are transferrable to almost any accredited university. Stipulations may vary depending on the degree program you choose though. However, that is why FNU’s academic advisors will guide you to taking some of the most basic college courses that are applicable to almost any degree program.

Before Enrolling, Another Step…

Another key step to enrolling in FNU’s Dual Enrollment program is fulfilling the requirement of taking the Advanced Placement Program agreement. This test is administered by high schools through the University Board. This will help FNU advisors determine what type of college courses you’re able to take.

If you’re in your junior or senior year living in the Miami area, now is the time to consult your high school advisor about FNU’s Dual Enrollment program. If you are a senior, it’s still not too late for you. If you act now, you’ll have time to enroll in our Spring semester. So contact one of our campuses today.

To learn more about our Dual Enrollment program, visit our official webpage here. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors at any of our campuses. You can also start the application process through our online contact form.