The Benefits of Continuing Education Programs in Miami, FL


There’s no doubt about it. Academic achievements open doors to your future career! Living in Miami, Florida where almost everything is fast-paced, many aspiring college students are looking to continuing education programs to get a leg up in their field of interest. Yet, there are so many advantages to enrolling in a continuing education program, and they’re not just restricted to students with a certain degree.

How Continuing Education Programs Improve Your Resume

Continuing education programs benefit students who have already earned their associates, bachelors, and master’s degree because the more you learn, the more you will have a better understanding of the industry you’re studying. This is something that is most valuable to employers because as technology evolves, almost everything else in the world does too, and in some way, shape, or form, your professional area of interest will be affected and you’ll be expected to keep up.

The Importance of Staying Ahead in Your Field

As a working professional, staying abreast with the most updated information in your field is crucial. The first place that such information will be relayed is in colleges and universities. So, it stands to reason that while many professionals may have years of experience in their area of expertise, they may not be fully up to date on the latest advancements. In order for a company to stay afloat, they will always be looking for good workers who will help increase their revenue. This means that they’ll be searching for smart and talented employees who have the qualifications to help them get there.

Continuing education programs have the potential to increase your job opportunities. If you have already earned a college degree, the certificate or diploma that you’ve earned through continuing education will make you a viable candidate whether you’re searching for a new job, a promotion, or simply just trying to keep the position you have!

Which University in Miami Has the Best Continuing Ed Programs?

Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university located in Miami, Florida has a long list of continuing education diploma and certificate programs that will strengthen professional workers’ skillset and improve jobseekers’ resume.

If you’ve already completed your master’s degree, enroll in any of our graduate certificate programs. They are a perfect way to branch out into other professional areas to diversify your skillset. Learn about our graduate certificate programs here.

Strengthen Your Current Area of Expertise

FNU Continuing Education programs also allow you to expand your knowledge base providing you with the opportunity to laser-focus on certain areas of the professional field like the healthcare industry in particular.

FNU has a strong catalog of healthcare diploma programs that will equip you with the skills and expertise to get a job in this industry without having to spending the time and money it would take to complete an associates or bachelor’s degree program.

Earn a certificate in the following professions:

  • Dentistry

Earn a certificate in dentistry and specialize in designing and constructing attachments and replacements for natural teeth. This is a skilled profession that requires highly competent professionals who understand the basic fundamentals of dental anatomy as well as the prosthodontics techniques along with everything else that’s involved such as PKT waxing and carving, the construction and design of working cast and dies as well as the treatment of porcelain in relation to glazing, staining and the characterization techniques.

Another great benefit that FNU Dental Continuing Education programs offer is that all of these classes are taught simultaneously in English and Spanish. Living in Miami, this is a huge benefit since Spanish is the second-most spoken language in this city.

Choose from three of dental diploma programs:

  1. Dental Laboratory Technician (60 credit hours)
  2. Dental Laboratory Technician – Full and Partial Dentures (30 credit hours)
  3. Dental Laboratory Technician – Crown and Bridge Porcelain (30 credit hours)
  • English as a Second Language

Master the English language by taking any of our English as a Second Language certificate programs. FNU offer three levels:

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. High Intermediate

Read “How Florida National University’s ESL Classes Benefit International Students” to learn more information about FNU’s ESL programs here.

  • Clinical Echocardiography

This certificate program is designed for graduates who have completed the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Technology associate’s degree program. This certificate program requires a completion of 40 credit hours. Students will be able to produce two-dimensional ultrasonic recordings, Doppler flow analyses of the heart, and other related images that doctors need to examine in order to give a proper diagnosis and prognosis. Several hours of theoretical, laboratory skills, and clinical practice is required in order to complete this program.

More Healthcare Certificate and Diplomas Programs!

If you have the desire to work in the healthcare field and prefer to work directly with the patients, then you might want to consider a role as a Medical Assistant or Patient Care Technician. Many people tend to confuse the role of a Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician. Before enrolling in either one of these programs, get a better understanding of what each of these professional healthcare roles does:

  • Medical Assistant

“Why You Should Consider Getting a Degree in Medical Assistant Technology?”

  • Patient Care Technician

“Patient Care Technician Training Program in Miami”

  • Medical Coding and Billing Specialist

If you want to work in the healthcare industry, but not so interested in working directly with patients, then you might be interested in an administrative role. The Medical Coding and Billing Specialist diploma will teach students medical terminology that relates to health insurance billing and coding. Graduates of this program will also learn medical office fundamentals, general pharmacology, basic anatomy, and of course, get a basic introduction to IT.

Enroll Today!

Florida National University is the best university for Miami and South Florida residents to continue their education. These programs are great for working professionals and students who are looking to earn a quality education in a minimal amount of time. Attend our campus in Miami or Hialeah, Florida. Contact an FNU advisor to enroll today!