Benefits of an Online Accounting Program vs. a Traditional Program

An open laptop computer atop green grass on a sunny dayOnline college accounting programs and traditional programs all have their pros and cons in regards to which one is the better choice. The ultimate answer will depend on what you want out of your academic career, what your lifestyle is like, and your own personal preferences. It’s all a matter of opinion, really. If you ask around, one student might tell you getting an accounting degree online is better than taking classes in a traditional classroom. Another student may tell you differently. He or she may not be too favorable to the online experience, thus offering negative feedback.

During the tax filing season of 2020, the United States Internal Revenue Service made changes to the agreement it has with providers of online filing software. The issue was related to the way these providers advertise their free filing options to taxpayers. The IRS felt that individuals were often charged fees when they were not actually applicable. When brainstorming solutions, the agency also considered developing its own tax filing service to provide a truly free alternative.

What is important to note with regard to this issue is that it is centered on an online accounting activity. When you use these free services, at some point you may be offered professional assistance from an accountant. This service will be conducted online.

Accounting professionals are fully aware that their services have largely migrated to the internet, and this is the main reason why prospective students in this career path should think about completing their education online. The IRS e-File option that started in 1986 as an effort to lower the use of paper has become standard practice. This is just one example of how prevalent the use of internet technologies is in the accounting sector.

Benefits of An Online Accounting Program

As previously mentioned, prospective accountants should expect their careers to largely unfold online upon graduation and when entering the workplace; to this effect, choosing to complete an online accounting degree program makes perfect sense. Getting used to reviewing information, conducting research, and using online applications are all aspects of modern accounting degree programs. This is the type of environment that new accountants will encounter as they enter the workforce, and they can get used to it by completing an online degree program.

Benefits Of Taking Accounting Classes Online

In addition to getting a taste for what their professional life will be after completing the program, online accounting students also have the following benefits to consider:


Many students who choose online college programs over the traditional campus-based approach are looking for flexibility. They may wish to balance their current work schedules with their family obligations. Or they may be interested in going through the curriculum as fast as possible and without taking breaks.

Learn At Your Own Pace

When you enroll in online learning programs, you will find out that some of the courses have been designed without hard completion dates. This means that you will be able to get through them at the pace that works out better for your life and work schedule. Some of these courses are part of the general education requirements while others may be electives or at higher levels.

Finding the Best Online Accounting Program For You

Above all, the online accounting degree program you should choose should be offered by a reputable institution. S reputable institution is properly accredited to grant college degrees. Florida National University is a private institution duly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges to award degrees at the associate, bachelor, and master levels. For more information about our accreditation, contact one of our admissions counselors.

FNU’s Online Accounting Programs

The various programs offered by FNU in the accounting field will allow you to seek employment as a bookkeeper, entry-level accountant, or accounting professional. There are two undergraduate levels plus one master’s degree program that can help towards satisfying the business courses you need for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant examination in Florida.

How To Get A Bachelor’s Degree In Accounting Online

If you have already accumulated some college courses, FNU will allow you to transfer up to 60 credits within the general education or electives categories. This is a fully online program complete with lower and upper-level courses.

Accounting Master’s Degree

While FNU does not offer a dedicated master’s degree program in accounting, students who obtain a bachelor’s degree in this field can pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. This degree will give them many of the business courses required to challenge the CPA examination. The MBA program is highly recommended to prospective students who want to excel as accounting professionals. It is also suitable for those who also wish to increase their earning potential.

Accounting Associate’s Degree

FNU offers two associate programs in accounting: one culminates in an associate of arts degree while the other follows the associate of science track. In general, the associate of arts program is preferred because it makes it easier to transition into a bachelor’s degree. Both programs will require the completion of 60 credits before getting a degree. Most students will be able to complete the associate of science courses faster. This is ideal for prospective job applicants who want to get started as bookkeepers as soon as possible.

Receive Your Accounting Degree From FNU

FNU is ready to help you learn about accounting systems and business finance. Our instructors are ready to assist you with traditional accounting methods, and how to adjust to new software. Receive financial aid packages and relevant scholarships.

For more information about financial aid, scholarships, requirements, and anything else about FNU, get in touch with our admissions counselors today. Some students prefer to take at least some accounting courses in the classroom. To this effect, FNU has two campus locations in South Florida.